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#920 closed Ecosim Save As problems on MSE
#921 closed Add means to open 'newer' databases in read-only mode
#922 closed Flow diagram changes
#923 closed Add Ecosim price elasticity
#925 closed Saving updated database models
#926 closed Value Chain result grid does not show values per fleet
#927 closed Value Chain result grid does not show fractions
#928 closed Value Chain equilibrium search options should only be available when Ecosim is loaded
#929 closed Value Chain results page should initialize to current run
#930 closed Value Chain needs to show the direction of connections
#931 closed Value chain should notify users when not entirely completed
#932 closed Add CSV file that contains all Monte Carlo iterations
#933 closed Add CSV file that contains all Monte Carlo iterations
#934 closed Change data format when saving graphs to CSV
#935 closed Pedigree Confidence Intervals and Monte Carlo confusion
#936 closed Biomass Accum should not show
#937 closed Application status feedback is slow
#938 closed Network Analysis forms do not respond to Ecopath changes
#939 closed Show or hide Ecosim plots
#940 closed Add interface to MC to set initial value + bounds on V per predator
#941 closed Use standard output path
#942 closed Mediation interface does not respond to group and fleet colour changes
#943 closed Mediation exception on assigning both fleet and group to same shape
#944 closed Mediation interface does not pick correct colours for fleets
#945 closed Ecosim saves only max 3 pred/prey interactions
#946 closed Ecosim pred/prey interaction interface applies wrong total cap
#947 closed Switching to Basic Input
#948 closed Add means to create a beta distribution function
#949 closed Add means to create a beta distribution function
#950 closed Ecospace 'show MPA' option should also be available when plotting effort
#951 closed Ecospace throw exception when run after Fishing Policy search
#952 closed Change mixed trophic impact graph
#953 closed Price Elasticity Ecopath baseline value does not show up on sketchpad
#954 closed Price Elasticity default shape label
#955 closed Price Elasticity Define supply must contain fleet indexes
#956 closed FiB index not exported in Network Analysis CSV
#957 closed Add Relative Value plot to Run Ecosim
#958 closed Network Analysis throws an assertion on Ecosim estimations
#959 closed Add Value plots to Ecosim Plots
#960 closed FIB is exported to CSV as null in Ecosim Network analysis under indexes with PPR option
#961 closed Price Elasticity Define supply not all group/fleet combo are showing up in selection box
#962 closed Ecospace Sailing Cost map not computing correctly
#963 closed Ecosim Plots plot selection
#964 closed Ecospace sailing cost map distorted N/S vs E/W
#965 closed Running searches need to be better protected and terminated
#966 closed Detritus flags are incorrectly cleared
#967 closed Taxon Exception when opening second model
#968 closed Value chain additions and changes
#969 closed Ecosim results CSV is erroneous for prey and predationmortality
#970 closed Remove 'annual' prompt when exporting Ecosim results
#971 closed Network Analysis throws unwanted prompts when reloading model
#972 closed Remove 'annual' prompts
#973 closed Assigned mediation weights + values interface is not obvious
#974 closed Allow duplicate names of forms
#975 closed Change shape dialogue does not restore shape correctly
#976 closed Show multiple run labels
#977 closed Exception on time series weights
#978 closed Edit multi-stanza creates hundreds of emtpy stanza configurations
#979 closed 'View>Start page' menu item ticked when start page not shown
#980 closed Apply FF to PP is not working in Beta 6.2
#982 closed MSE CV colours inconsistent
#984 closed Ecosim screen vs results mismatch
#985 closed Define taxonomy created multiple taxa
#986 closed Taxonomy data does not entirely reload in certain circumstances
#987 closed Automatic updates need administrative privileges
#988 closed Need status feedback for automatic updates process
#989 closed Run Ecosim graph tooltips are confusing
#991 closed Multiple runs should not show cumulative data
#992 closed Multiple Runs option should be more accessible
#993 closed Ecopath 'Define Pedigree' interface is instable
#994 closed Cannot Delete Groups in Ecopath 6.2 beta
#995 closed Fit to time series complains, EwE closes after creating new Ecosim scenario
#996 closed Saving Ecosim under a new scenario does not retain Applied FF
#997 closed Fit to time series form crash when saving new scenario after anomaly search
#998 closed Ecosim Quota does not save for new scenarios
#999 closed Do not advance to next cell if an edit operation failed
#1000 closed 'Enter' should not be linked to 'OK' in complex interfaces
#1001 closed Paste in 'Define ...' grids does not work well
#1003 closed remarks in EwE
#1004 closed Ecospace plot y-axis should range from .1 to 10
#1005 closed Ecotracer output graph should not plot cumulative data
#1006 closed Ecotracer field name change
#1007 closed Add forum post notifications to EwE
#1008 closed Ecospace migration starts at February
#1009 closed Presentation mode and other shortcut keys not always working
#1010 closed Pedigree level changes do not stick
#1011 closed Relative and Absolute biomass time series do not work well together
#1012 closed Grid copy/paste does not work well
#1013 closed Import process should warn for model overwrites
#1014 closed Increasing Ecospace map size may give land values in new cells
#1015 closed Ecospace re-size map to smaller fails
#1016 closed Ecospace Save Scenario as... fails
#1017 closed Ecosim parameters "Nutrient proportion of free nutrients" should not be a up-down control
#1018 closed Migration months-location do not import from 5
#1019 closed Ecospace scenarios take too long to save
#1021 closed Ecotracer label difference
#1022 closed Cannot open model from a portable hard drive
#1023 closed Multi-stanza age fixed in months, does not work for time unit of days
#1025 closed MPA optimizations is missing editors for map layers
#1026 closed Depth layer editor not intuitive
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