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#1481 closed Fixed Ecotracer biomass CSV error
#1619 closed Fleet mediation interactions are not drawn in the mediation pies
#57 closed Fleet size dynamics
#1041 closed Fleet statistics missing when editing all fleets effort
#91 closed Fleets- attempting to create a model without a fleet
#602 closed Floating forms do not close when core execution state invalidates their content
#1156 closed Flow Diagram settings changes are not immediately drawn
#539 closed Flow Diagram-> settings not working properly
#573 closed Flow Diagram: users cannot manually reposition labels
#922 closed Flow diagram changes
#870 closed Flow diagram differences between EwE5 and EwE6
#1515 closed Flow diagram does not respond to font changes
#1335 closed Flow diagram drag visible nodes first
#1331 closed Flow diagram highlighting
#1231 closed Flow diagram interaction updates
#1458 closed Flow diagram reset does not reset label positions
#1113 closed Flow diagram should not hide groups
#1336 closed Flow diagram title cannot be edited
#1405 closed Flow from Detritus shows detritus
#648 closed Flow pyramid reports an error
#758 closed FlowDiagram EwE5 plugin: Load existing diagram (yes/no) will always load new diagram
#498 closed FlowDiagram link missing
#1583 closed Flows do not scale proportionally for catches
#1597 closed Fn response response range may not import correctly
#233 closed Focus is lost when tabbing into into certain regions of the forms
#1457 closed Focus switches when running MSE
#1304 closed Folder selection not possible
#511 closed Forcing Function beneath the NA indice plot as in EwE5
#1547 closed Forcing function application bug
#628 closed Forcing function applications reflected wrongly
#578 closed Forcing function dirty flag
#339 closed Forcing function form
#206 closed Forcing function form - values box causes crash when you hit ok
#50 closed Forcing function manual value modifications are lost
#214 closed Forcing function numbers not easily available for hatchery and nutrient forcing
#276 closed Forcing function shapes> exponential not working
#717 closed Forcing function time series of type 2 do not import correctly
#630 closed Forcing function_continued_cannot re-search
#637 closed Forcing functions lost in ecosim fitting to time series
#210 closed Forcing functions need numbers and names
#1027 closed Forcing functions should only show the number of Ecosim years
#49 closed Forcing shapes should not be Ecosim scenario dependent
#788 closed Forcing timeseries longer than current run does not set Effort
#1066 closed Form control layout is affected by ZedGraphHelper
#731 closed Form tab texts may be confusing
#837 closed Full screen mode obscures popup dialogs
#520 closed GUI allows users to make changes when a search is running
#44 closed GUI crashes when loading a second model with a larger number of groups
#321 closed General Remarks missing and (no selection) bug
#1451 closed Generic handling of NULL database fields
#727 closed Generic: Dusplicating Sim, Space or Tracer scenario may cause data changes to get lost
#726 closed Generic: deleting Ecosim, Ecospace and Ecotracer scenarios make UI unstable
#647 closed Getting dollar value used in the policy search
#830 closed Google area search prompt too limited
#1491 closed Graph "Save to CSV" does not produce response function data
#482 closed Graph output overlay in Ecosim freezes program
#1172 closed Graph shows multiple legend entries for the same group when showing multiple runs
#1045 closed Graph tooltip flickers and eats up CPU time
#1135 closed Graphs should only show visible items in the legend
#1012 closed Grid copy/paste does not work well
#1379 closed Grid export and import logic incompatibility
#1263 closed Grid import and export operations are not shown in status log
#47 closed Grid numeric up/down cells crash when entering a non-numerical character
#1378 closed Grid paste only works with Tab separators
#140 closed Grids do not properly allow users to set a selection via keyboard
#1093 closed Grids do not support repeated paste
#1324 closed Grids may not import CSV files correctly
#1129 closed Group SS shown in Run Ecosim is unclear
#1598 closed Group capacity type UI could use a 'reset inputs' button
#187 closed Group info> max relative feeding time changed from default not correct in output
#740 closed Group name changes not cascaded to some screens
#1150 closed Group plot layout does not fit screen
#1036 closed Group plots not workingin Ecosim
#1204 closed Group selection not maintained while running tracer
#1453 closed Habitat capacity always 0
#1343 closed Habitat capacity histogram should not show values that are Excluded from the map
#1252 closed Habitat maps do now show value feedback in status bar
#1334 closed Hard to drag small nodes
#549 closed Headers for predation mortality graph do not show up in Excel
#501 closed How to save Ecopath results from Network Analysis
#499 closed I can't get the MTI image and Flow and Catch pyramids (Network analysis plug-in)
#494 closed Import TS dataset twice creates duplicate datasets
#384 closed Import TS still requires TimeSeries Dummy Variable put on the end
#1609 closed Import TS type 2 cannot have 0 values
#410 closed Import TS: import should overwrite existing dataset
#1474 closed Import basemap from ASCII file may show wrong value scale
#764 closed Import fails on invalid file characters
#1479 closed Import of HSPEN data with two (conflicting) data blocks
#1534 closed Import pedigree from another model
#1013 closed Import process should warn for model overwrites
#800 closed Import progress bar resets
#492 closed Import time series
#667 closed Import time series fails when data columns miss values
#601 closed Import time series may create a dataset with 0 entries
#823 closed Import time series may lead to corrupted Ecosim model
#1401 closed Import time series preview slow to update
#28 closed Import wizard Back button inconsistency
#1143 closed Import wizard does not show content
#1356 closed Importance layers do not save in EwE6
#1237 closed Importance layers do not save well
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