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#1403 closed EwE does not launch on Windows XP SP3
#635 closed EwE grid paste behaviour inconsistent with Excel
#1323 closed EwE grids do not properly write CSV file headers
#783 closed EwE is silent when 'Report a bug' a fails
#1347 closed EwE keeps holding on to a database if upgrade is declined
#1372 closed EwE shell fails to launch emails with subject text
#484 closed EwE5 Database on Ecopath.org fails to import
#701 closed EwE6 Ecosim All Fits csv files are empty
#698 closed EwE6 Network analysis plug-in: problem with results reported
#696 closed EwE6 does not detect whether a database is read-only
#850 closed EwE6 flow diagram performs sluggish with many groups
#1530 closed EwE6 needs out-of-the-box support for generating .eiixml files
#827 closed EwE6 needs the Functional Response plot
#797 closed Exception in WebBrowser
#1306 closed Exception killer
#977 closed Exception on time series weights
#1355 closed Excluding cells
#748 closed Existing plug-in forms do not close when a plug-in is disabled
#749 closed Existing plug-ins do not close forms when the core execution state should invalidate their content
#1490 closed Export XY data does not show ports
#1489 closed Export XY interface shows non-functional migration layers
#901 closed Export ecospace time steps to CSV file
#705 closed Exposing Ecosim TL per group
#1513 closed Extending Ecosim run time with biomass forcing crashes EwE.
#1120 closed External data connection UI needs improving
#1558 closed External data indexing stops
#1552 closed External datasets slow to load
#1209 closed Extracting Value Chain values
#216 closed FF - options- shape- not working properly
#633 closed FF applied to PP are reported as 'Search rate' applications
#212 closed FF duplicate button not working correctly
#223 closed FF save as- needs axis
#412 closed FF shapes not saving to bitmap
#960 closed FIB is exported to CSV as null in Ecosim Network analysis under indexes with PPR option
#1478 closed Failure to parse "used" field
#1291 closed Feedback messages do not always show up in the user interface
#1325 closed Feeding time adjust does not get applied
#956 closed FiB index not exported in Network Analysis CSV
#809 closed FishMort shapes may be wrongly assigned after import from EwE5 models
#291 closed Fisheries Landings grid explodes if you select a row
#581 closed Fishery DiscardMortality flags incorrectly blocked from editing
#103 closed Fishery Quantity and Value grid..to be implemented as EwE5 behavior
#880 closed Fishing Mortality (F) time series may not appear as Yield or F in output plots
#894 closed Fishing Mortality Sketch pad cause interface to hang
#884 closed Fishing Policy Search Maximize by Fleet option output grid not sized to fit frame
#832 closed Fishing Policy Search discount rate + gen. discount rate have no effect
#883 closed Fishing Policy Search form is throwing an Exception when it loads then completing the load without a proper initialization
#467 closed Fishing Policy Search giving unpredictable results
#1261 closed Fishing Policy Search sometimes does not search
#257 closed Fishing Policy Search> output groups not correct
#261 closed Fishing Policy search needs to redim to new number of Years
#620 closed Fishing effort shapes in the SI interface don't update when changing Ecosim scenarios
#69 closed Fishing fleet effort in Ecosim output
#82 closed Fishing fleets- edit fleets (append button)
#470 closed Fishing policy
#466 closed Fishing policy search
#567 closed Fishing policy search Fishing block selection sketch interface asserts
#1262 closed Fishing policy search may show too many blocks in the iterations results grid
#330 closed Fishing policy search-> multiple runs shoud have random F's
#255 closed Fishing policy search> first year for gear type not blocked out
#254 closed Fishing policy search> not all buttons functional
#256 closed Fishing policy search> results not consistent with version 5
#394 closed Fishing rate and mortality forms should have (re)set options similar to Run Ecosim form
#392 closed Fishing rate not updated after running policy search
#350 closed Fishing rate shape missing from Run Ecosim / Fishing shape viewer
#393 closed Fishing rate shape not updated correctly
#193 closed Fishing rate sketchpad stops drawing while the graph is re-sizing
#1607 closed Fit to TS field errors
#1466 closed Fit to Time Series [Search] disabled
#671 closed Fit to Time Series cannot increase number of blocks in Search of SS to V
#1286 closed Fit to Time Series does not run
#1152 closed Fit to Time Series iteration feedback needs spacing
#1541 closed Fit to Time Series layout problems
#1424 closed Fit to Time Series messages disrupt batch runs
#303 closed Fit to TimeSeries crash when 'coloring'
#385 closed Fit to Timeseries default weight for stanza group should be 1 not 0
#627 closed Fit to time series (anomaly search) - cannot re-search after changing FF
#436 closed Fit to time series colour scheme from the Sensitivity search not used by Fit to time series grid
#995 closed Fit to time series complains, EwE closes after creating new Ecosim scenario
#434 closed Fit to time series crashes when changing number of blocks
#997 closed Fit to time series form crash when saving new scenario after anomaly search
#435 closed Fit to time series number of blocks from sensitivity search not the same as set by user
#294 closed Fit to timeseries: vulnerability blocks
#1481 closed Fixed Ecotracer biomass CSV error
#1619 closed Fleet mediation interactions are not drawn in the mediation pies
#57 closed Fleet size dynamics
#1041 closed Fleet statistics missing when editing all fleets effort
#91 closed Fleets- attempting to create a model without a fleet
#602 closed Floating forms do not close when core execution state invalidates their content
#1156 closed Flow Diagram settings changes are not immediately drawn
#539 closed Flow Diagram-> settings not working properly
#573 closed Flow Diagram: users cannot manually reposition labels
#922 closed Flow diagram changes
#870 closed Flow diagram differences between EwE5 and EwE6
#1515 closed Flow diagram does not respond to font changes
#1335 closed Flow diagram drag visible nodes first
#1331 closed Flow diagram highlighting
#1231 closed Flow diagram interaction updates
#1458 closed Flow diagram reset does not reset label positions
#1113 closed Flow diagram should not hide groups
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