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#681 closed Ecopath statistics shows wrong value for total PP / total resp
#165 closed Ecopath unable to run with negative key index values
#707 closed Ecopath website download links are broken
#617 closed Ecopath- >Output-> Prey overlap- supressed values apprearing
#127 closed Ecopath- definition of fleets tab not updating automatically
#618 closed Ecopath->output- electivity supressed values =-1
#299 closed Ecopath: Diet composition table
#519 closed Ecopath> Edit groups certain letters cause actions in `group name` category
#515 closed Ecopath> Edit multistanza> `enter` causes interface to close
#516 closed Ecopath> Electivity copying cells into excell gives -1 values
#514 closed Ecopath> edit groups: have to double click cells to enter name
#166 closed Ecopath>output>fishery>value missing output data columns
#640 closed Ecopath_Diet change automated test failed
#641 closed Ecopath_Other production Changes automated test failed
#882 closed Ecoranger in EwE 5.1
#1615 closed Ecosampler does not run in Beta 1
#1616 closed Ecosampler does not store SS
#1617 closed Ecosampler does not use start sampel correctly run batch
#1636 closed Ecosampler samples can still contain negative respiration
#714 closed Ecoseed not giving any results
#300 closed Ecosim
#789 closed Ecosim "Reset all" fails to set time series enabled/disabled flag
#1191 closed Ecosim "reset all" does not reset Fishing Mortality shapes
#654 closed Ecosim # of imported timeseres labeled as 0
#263 closed Ecosim 'Scale' = true should fix the scale of the plot.
#415 closed Ecosim -> Plots -> Browse
#439 closed Ecosim -> Plots -> Export to CSV - Will mess up if group names have '
#389 closed Ecosim -> Timeseries -> Bombs if all values are 0
#301 closed Ecosim > ApplyFF interface crashes under rare circumstances
#678 closed Ecosim Apply Egg Production - thumbnails do not update
#679 closed Ecosim Apply Egg Production thumbnails do not respond to global thumbnail settings
#345 closed Ecosim Biomass not the same from EwE5 to EwE6
#72 closed Ecosim Biomass output
#1148 closed Ecosim CSV results differ from Network Analysis
#1180 closed Ecosim Detritus Groups interface not highlighting correctly
#820 closed Ecosim Edit landings does not update Ecosim catch correctly when Ecosim scenario loaded
#686 closed Ecosim Export to .csv does not work
#1464 closed Ecosim FD options do not work for Ecopath
#215 closed Ecosim FF values- not saving changes
#504 closed Ecosim FF- seasonal FF thumbnail not displaying properly
#218 closed Ecosim FF- seasonal shapes 1-3 have long-term status
#745 closed Ecosim FiB index is wrong
#737 closed Ecosim Fishing Mort timeseries and sketched effort
#1029 closed Ecosim Forcing Function do not save data past 100 years
#259 closed Ecosim Group Color graph line are all the same color
#876 closed Ecosim Manage Time Series form not formated correctly
#68 closed Ecosim Output- general screen issues
#311 closed Ecosim Parameter> nutrient loading function crashed ecosim
#27 closed Ecosim Plots
#963 closed Ecosim Plots plot selection
#998 closed Ecosim Quota does not save for new scenarios
#752 closed Ecosim Results should not show Cost when catch is forced
#307 closed Ecosim SS doesn't compute when running time series
#920 closed Ecosim Save As problems on MSE
#1179 closed Ecosim Stop button does not work
#530 closed Ecosim Sums of Squares not calculated
#720 closed Ecosim TS forms crash on Time Series without valid targets
#463 closed Ecosim TimeSeries - Modify Values in the Time series and tumbnail does not update
#651 closed Ecosim Timeseries setting effort from another scenario
#219 closed Ecosim Vulnerabilities- set vulnerabilities function only allows 1 column at a time
#189 closed Ecosim Vulnerabilities> set button does not work
#1094 closed Ecosim allocates fishing mortality from fishing effort wrongly
#1499 closed Ecosim and Ecospace currency unit warning
#1122 closed Ecosim and Ecospace scenario dialogs not shown in Presentation Mode
#45 closed Ecosim and Ecospace scenario dialogues can ask multiple times to load a scenario
#48 closed Ecosim and Ecospace scenario dialogues can ask multiple times to load a scenario
#304 closed Ecosim and Ecospace scenario dropdown lists do not update when creating or deleting scenarios
#1388 closed Ecosim apply FF to consumer may consider last consumer group as detritus
#735 closed Ecosim asserts when plotting data with timeseries
#149 closed Ecosim biomass output altered after loading time series.
#134 closed Ecosim biomass outputs are not correct
#544 closed Ecosim cannot alter scenarios when timeseries are loaded with certain # of years
#668 closed Ecosim effort is not picked up after pressing 'reset all'
#1509 closed Ecosim env drivers shifted
#1444 closed Ecosim environmental driver system keeps flagging the database as dirty
#1450 closed Ecosim environmental response naming confusion
#1435 closed Ecosim fails to load
#1436 closed Ecosim fails to load
#154 closed Ecosim fails to save
#817 closed Ecosim fishing mort. and catch plots are not correct when F (fishing mort.) time series is loaded.
#736 closed Ecosim fishing mortality shapes do not responded to edit of fishing effort
#1155 closed Ecosim group plots do not show driving F time series
#1107 closed Ecosim is limited to 100 groups
#43 closed Ecosim loading scenario
#473 closed Ecosim may crash when saving TS data in older EwE6 databases
#784 closed Ecosim may throw an assertion when editing fleet size dynamics
#604 closed Ecosim network analysis
#355 closed Ecosim not clearing memory?
#146 closed Ecosim not giving me output
#316 closed Ecosim nutrient forcing function can not be cleared
#1608 closed Ecosim output CSV file name sometimes incomplete
#561 closed Ecosim output graph scale
#305 closed Ecosim output results> time step not constitent with scenario
#70 closed Ecosim output- drawing mortality sketches
#130 closed Ecosim output- drawing screen not resetting properly
#284 closed Ecosim output>individual plots not working
#1017 closed Ecosim parameters "Nutrient proportion of free nutrients" should not be a up-down control
#186 closed Ecosim parameters > proportion of base nutrients not making changes to biomass output
#674 closed Ecosim plot 'Yield by fleet' should show cumulative data
#1136 closed Ecosim plot catch by fleet is inconsistent
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