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#1055 closed Default names should not be 'unknown'
#297 closed Default value for market price
#985 closed Define taxonomy created multiple taxa
#56 closed Definition of fleets default values
#819 closed Delete TS dataset removes (none)?!
#653 closed Delete Timeseries Not working
#449 closed Delete all regions from a basemap and there is a crash
#1187 closed Delete group with loaded TS causes exceptions
#23 closed Delete habitat throws an IndexOutOfBounds exception
#349 closed Deleted Mediation shape does not disappear from the Mediation form
#279 closed Deleted fleets still in Ecosim 'Fishing rate (relative)' 'Target' dropdown combo box
#524 closed Deleting MPA's gives error message
#616 closed Deleting Med function with applications may cause error messages
#191 closed Deleting a newly added time series causes Tampa Bay model to crash
#220 closed Deleting grid columns
#1092 closed Deleting group may cause model load error
#152 closed Deleting groups from time series tab- jumps to another interface
#1183 closed Deleting stanza life stage does not fix leading B, CB group
#346 closed Deleting/Unloading Time series leads to Out of bounds error in Run Ecosim
#1026 closed Depth layer editor not intuitive
#62 closed Detritus fate
#966 closed Detritus flags are incorrectly cleared
#1415 closed Detritus mortality makes no sense
#517 closed Detritus now available on MC runs
#9 closed Diet Composition Table Values (Displays 0 values and limited to 1)
#51 closed Diet Matrix has no feeding on detritus when importing
#176 closed Diet composition changes not saving to core
#417 closed Diet matrix warnings on created models
#845 closed DietComp mistakenly shows cannibalism cells for PP groups
#887 closed Diets for detritus groups (was: Flow diagram shows mystery links)
#3 closed Diferences between Ecopath versions
#781 closed Disabled plug-ins are still activated
#85 closed Discard Fate- under Fisherys Tab in Ecopath- default values incorrect
#1361 closed Discard Mortality considered in calculating F
#67 closed Discard in Ecopath fleets
#822 closed Discard mortality rate grid does not enable/disable cells in response to Landings edit
#595 closed DiscardMortality not saved
#738 closed Discarded Bycatch inside Ecospace's MPAs
#711 closed Discards within MPAs in the Gulf of Carpentaria - Northern Australia
#710 closed Discards within MPAs in the Gulf of Carpentaria - Northern Australia
#625 closed Display value of EE by group in Summary Box
#999 closed Do not advance to next cell if an edit operation failed
#1467 closed Do not show Sum of Squares if no time series are loaded
#231 closed Do the Ecopath
#1203 closed Double-click database launches EwE but does not load DB
#1483 closed Double-clicking map layer control routes to wrong edit page
#1193 closed Driver layers not included in list of exportable / importable layers
#348 closed Duplicate a forcing shape flags the Ecosim scenario as changed
#347 closed Duplicate shape: selecting 'cancel' on save prompt crashes application
#1614 closed EcoIND does not compute Catch if Mammals, Seabirds and Reptiles correctly
#563 closed EcoSpace Region Results
#374 closed EcoTracer input grid crashes when clicking on header
#298 closed Ecopath
#121 closed Ecopath output Fishery- quantity screen- total catch missing/ labels different from version 5
#993 closed Ecopath 'Define Pedigree' interface is instable
#418 closed Ecopath -> Flow diagram does not accept more than TL 5
#703 closed Ecopath 5 group colours not correctly imported
#122 closed Ecopath > DietComp > Sum to One does not flag the model as modified
#428 closed Ecopath Basic Param: predation mortality form
#682 closed Ecopath Detritus Fate values disappear
#108 closed Ecopath Key indicies tab- 0's are not showing
#762 closed Ecopath Model Description page fails on updated databases
#120 closed Ecopath Output- Respitation calculation not correct
#677 closed Ecopath PP interface
#566 closed Ecopath Paramatization grids are no more read-only
#8 closed Ecopath `Basic Estimates` grid not populated on first call to `Basic Parametrization`
#553 closed Ecopath cannot mass balance with immigration
#765 closed Ecopath detritus groups have PB, QB values
#1067 closed Ecopath does not save catches for detritus groups
#694 closed Ecopath download information needs to provide link to ACCDB drivers
#551 closed Ecopath edit groups interface not working
#533 closed Ecopath edit groups> adding a group interface does not automatically close
#55 closed Ecopath fishery tabs default values are different than version 5
#1620 closed Ecopath flow diagram shows PB, not P
#542 closed Ecopath landings dirty flag
#670 closed Ecopath landings not picked up in Ecosim
#532 closed Ecopath mass balance missing parameters
#1358 closed Ecopath model from Ecosim
#1288 closed Ecopath model from Ecosim cannot save if directory is missing
#1287 closed Ecopath model from Ecosim does not generate databases
#597 closed Ecopath model parameter changes do not save
#327 closed Ecopath multistanza `enter K of VBGF`
#1377 closed Ecopath output grids fail on certain stanza configurations
#247 closed Ecopath output> Value- non-market value not correct
#555 closed Ecopath output> electivity> blank values show as -1
#246 closed Ecopath output>fishery value some values highlighted
#157 closed Ecopath outputs > Fishery > Value does not display non-market value info
#486 closed Ecopath repeated prompts
#681 closed Ecopath statistics shows wrong value for total PP / total resp
#165 closed Ecopath unable to run with negative key index values
#707 closed Ecopath website download links are broken
#617 closed Ecopath- >Output-> Prey overlap- supressed values apprearing
#127 closed Ecopath- definition of fleets tab not updating automatically
#618 closed Ecopath->output- electivity supressed values =-1
#299 closed Ecopath: Diet composition table
#519 closed Ecopath> Edit groups certain letters cause actions in `group name` category
#515 closed Ecopath> Edit multistanza> `enter` causes interface to close
#516 closed Ecopath> Electivity copying cells into excell gives -1 values
#514 closed Ecopath> edit groups: have to double click cells to enter name
#166 closed Ecopath>output>fishery>value missing output data columns
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