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#15 closed Network Analysis: Cycles (detritus not listed)
#540 closed Network Analysis: MTI
#574 closed Network Analysis: cannot open pyramids
#429 closed Network analysis (ecosim) got FIB but no graph of NA indices.
#251 closed Network analysis Mix Trophic Impact (loading Impacts.exe and others) Crash [model specific]
#1133 closed Network analysis [appears to] hang[s]
#777 closed Network analysis external apps launch messages
#1330 closed Network analysis options need to be accessible
#340 closed Network analysis output missing output lines
#169 closed Network analysis: Summary of flow data node in wrong place
#916 closed New Ecospace base map is all land
#201 closed New Ecospace scenario fails to load
#796 closed New pedigree levels do not stick
#547 closed New time series cannot be imported or added
#557 closed Niche Prey and Niche predator Overlap values not consistent
#577 closed No ability to pause Ecospace runs
#401 closed No clear visual feedback that policy search has completed
#1477 closed No feedback on import errors
#236 closed No horizontal nor vertical scroll bar in Time Series form even though its AutoScroll property has been set to True
#1098 closed No map zoom in MPA optimizations form
#787 closed No user manual after installing EwE
#1630 closed No warning when effort power set to 0
#1367 closed No warning when predator diet is zero
#626 closed Non-administrator users do not load plugin - unable to load model
#629 closed Non-decimal point systems cannot read US databases
#1225 closed Non-living prey not exported in Ecosim outputs
#853 closed Not all MSE group and fleet values by year are saving
#1226 closed Not all rel B time series shown
#919 closed Not clear how to set water/land cells in Ecospace
#1052 closed Not clear which EwE version made last modifications
#196 closed Notes/bugs with Monte Carlo form
#715 closed Number formatting woes when switching language settings
#1559 closed Numeric up/down controls not blocked entirey from editing
#603 closed NumericUpDown control woes (was Ecosim does not pick up time frames of time series loaded)
#512 closed Numerous error messages when model does not balance
#791 closed Oct 2010 BETA fails to import certain older models
#708 closed Old code: should users be able to load models from the start page?
#2 closed Only administrative access to see database
#1266 closed Open Folder dialog needs improving
#609 closed Opening RunEcosim form will not show available Ecosim results
#661 closed Opening a database from the core does not run database updates
#416 closed Opening model to Ecospace with large map takes a looooooooooooooooong time
#657 closed Opening tab will open another tab - when selecting a plug-in node
#171 closed Option to Save model not always available
#1168 closed Options dialog crashes on invalid path characters
#159 closed Options- group color not changing in Ecosim
#1575 closed Orphaned taxa
#164 closed Other production- cannot enter negative numbers for biomass accumulation
#564 closed Overlay not working properly
#525 closed Overlay option not working in Ecosim
#17 closed Overwrites database name when importing a database
#889 closed PP values do not cascade through groups like Names do
#867 closed PSD Not working at all?
#816 closed PSD form does not take model units into account
#42 closed Parameterization biomass t/km2 values
#86 closed Parameterization functionality not working
#61 closed Parameterization of model (number of parameters to enter)
#119 closed Parameterization- with multi-stanza not working correctly
#683 closed Particle Size Distribution flag is not reset when loading a new model
#1001 closed Paste in 'Define ...' grids does not work well
#1454 closed Pasting data into edit groups grid throws an error
#156 closed Pasting into a grid without cells selected will crash EwE
#1497 closed Path and Cycles stops EwE from working
#935 closed Pedigree Confidence Intervals and Monte Carlo confusion
#1463 closed Pedigree error message is wrong
#1587 closed Pedigree for catches issues
#1302 closed Pedigree interface too restrictive
#1010 closed Pedigree level changes do not stick
#801 closed Pedigree level colors do not get saved for new levels
#1033 closed Pedigree values do not copy correctly
#13 closed Plotting Mixed Trophic impacs
#782 closed Plug-in auto update logic does not detect new releases of the same version number
#785 closed Plug-in options interface throws an error when no plug-ins are installed
#1549 closed Plug-in update no longer works
#756 closed Plug-in update setting on options form does not stick
#774 closed Plug-in updater aborts on unknown .NET dlls
#1243 closed Plug-ins cannot enter items in the log file
#1275 closed Plug-ins do not load
#754 closed Plug-ins incorrectly flagged as incompatble when loading multiple versions of an assembly
#1194 closed Plug-ins should be connected to Help
#325 closed Policy Search> Gen discount rate causes extreme results
#448 closed Policy search
#319 closed Policy search > end year does not update gear
#399 closed Policy search GUI tweak: move buttons to more suitable location
#331 closed Policy search color scheme
#475 closed Policy search interface
#404 closed Policy search objective button not using mandate option properly
#400 closed Policy search run does not update Ecosim run plot
#405 closed Policy search: ecosystem structure option not working correctly
#402 closed Policy search: scroll to last result when searching
#324 closed Policy search>missing structure rel. weight
#1221 closed Port layer editor shows strange behaviour
#818 closed Possible bug! Ecosim fishing mort. plots wrong when multiple fleets fish the same group.
#1272 closed Pred and Prey ranking in Ecosim plots incorrect
#96 closed Predation mortality- sensitive values
#1175 closed Predator and prey order reversed in Ecosim plots
#1009 closed Presentation mode and other shortcut keys not always working
#1337 closed Preserve flow diagram settings
#1402 closed Preview limitation in time series import may hide data errors
#955 closed Price Elasticity Define supply must contain fleet indexes
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