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#1032 closed Mediation shape no longer seem to show the Ecopath baseline
#1398 closed Mediation thumbnail list flickering
#322 closed Mediation/Forcing Function shapes not available
#1195 closed Migration map editor may throw errors
#1018 closed Migration months-location do not import from 5
#112 closed Missing edit groups button in june 30 build
#536 closed Missing vonbK parameter for deleted multistanza groups error
#485 closed Mitsuyo MORI: F values for individual groups this does not seem to be read by ECOSIM
#1106 closed Mixed trophic impact plot - circles plot needs to be inverted?
#94 closed Model balancing- biomass in habitat area reading incorrect values
#1074 closed Model craches after creating groups in a new model
#672 closed Model does not save after crash
#260 closed Model fails to save when timeseries Applied
#1465 closed Model from Ecosim ACCDB error
#1289 closed Model from Ecosim database may be empty
#1588 closed Model from Sim gets the time steps wrong
#1295 closed Model generation message shows as alert
#790 closed Models on Ecopath.org too old
#266 closed Monte Carlo 'Annual output' should be the default output mode
#265 closed Monte Carlo 'Data from best fitting trial' should be read only
#328 closed Monte Carlo Biomass Plot should suppress the interface to change Ecosim summary time
#859 closed Monte Carlo CV application limited
#1108 closed Monte Carlo CV value edits do not get applied anymore after a run
#1109 closed Monte Carlo CV values of 0 result in strange upper limits
#856 closed Monte Carlo Load pedigree not updating interface
#264 closed Monte Carlo Mean value should be Read Only (not editable)
#857 closed Monte Carlo Parameter limits are overwritten for run
#545 closed Monte Carlo Runs not notified when run is over
#855 closed Monte Carlo and Pedigree for BA
#1577 closed Monte Carlo does not perturb BA for groups with an esitimated B
#1527 closed Monte Carlo does not report successful output saving
#1056 closed Monte Carlo does not reset to changes in Vulnerability
#743 closed Monte Carlo does not restore Ecopath after a run
#1397 closed Monte Carlo focus
#915 closed Monte Carlo gives same result on different runs
#1375 closed Monte Carlo not varying B unless driven by time series
#1048 closed Monte Carlo not working for multi-stanza
#1125 closed Monte Carlo option Load From Pedigree does not work
#396 closed Monte Carlo outputs are wrong
#262 closed Monte Carlo overlay does not overlay each run/trial
#1456 closed Monte Carlo results identical to baseline
#646 closed Monte Carlo run trials cannot change from default
#1110 closed Monte Carlo seems to perturb values outside allowed limits
#858 closed Monte Carlo upper and lower parameter limits values differ from EwE5
#387 closed Monte Carlos Max limit for run is only 100
#1349 closed Monto Carlo hangs
#95 closed Mortality Coefficients in Ecopath output- negative values not showing up
#177 closed Mortality Coefficients> Predation mortality rate- extreme values not highlighted
#548 closed Mortality coefficients->values dissappear afer one observation
#179 closed Mortality coefficients> net migration rate- negative values not being calculated /displayed correctly
#102 closed Mulit Stanza edit dialogue will not 'Cancel' the edits
#624 closed Multi-Stanza Hatchery Stocking forcing function not imported
#1119 closed Multi-file spatial data set UI could use improving
#1308 closed Multi-sim cannot browse to files
#1442 closed Multi-sim fleet x group values static
#1023 closed Multi-stanza age fixed in months, does not work for time unit of days
#582 closed Multi-stanza configuration damaged when deleting multiple configurations at once
#115 closed Multi-stanza groups are being assigned incorrectly
#452 closed Multi-stanza information gets misassigned
#451 closed Multi-stanza links are lost
#1374 closed MultiSim example... generates example but does not navigate to it
#1327 closed MultiSim needs support for default Ecosim output directory
#1373 closed MultiSim plug-in does not work for effort
#1536 closed MultiSim warnings
#992 closed Multiple Runs option should be more accessible
#1305 closed Multiple prompts when importing large time series datasets
#991 closed Multiple runs should not show cumulative data
#1393 closed Multiple time series for one group do not show on Ecosim group plots
#1445 closed Multisim example file errors
#1446 closed Multisim fails to load / restore last forcing value
#147 closed Multistanza graph not correct
#296 closed Multistanza group ordering
#318 closed Multistanza naming bug
#370 closed Multistanza orgVBK problem
#656 closed Multistanza: Changing Biomass Accum / Biomass does not change core
#593 closed Multistanza: stock enhancement forcing function
#1140 closed Name label misleading in apply egg production grid
#230 closed Navigation in the navigator using down and up arrows is not possible
#21 closed Navigator cannot be reopened
#1137 closed Need Ecopath version in Trac reports
#1531 closed Need a way to order habitats
#1532 closed Need a way to sketch only on one habitat layer
#1535 closed Need clear control over Ecospace capacity calculations
#1383 closed Need explanation what grid cell statuses mean
#988 closed Need status feedback for automatic updates process
#1562 closed Need to know when input capacity is set
#487 closed Negative BA does not show in Ecosim
#741 closed Network Analysis Ecosim CSV file does not list years
#528 closed Network Analysis MTI error
#834 closed Network Analysis estimate of catch seems wrong
#938 closed Network Analysis forms do not respond to Ecopath changes
#541 closed Network Analysis mixed trophic impact graph is ugly
#808 closed Network Analysis navigation tree shows all input nodes
#1339 closed Network Analysis plugin should use EwE decimal settings
#779 closed Network Analysis pyramids do not launch - again
#419 closed Network Analysis reporting negative respiration when Basic Estimates does NOT
#1157 closed Network Analysis slow
#1158 closed Network Analysis spelling errors
#958 closed Network Analysis throws an assertion on Ecosim estimations
#971 closed Network Analysis throws unwanted prompts when reloading model
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