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#1254 closed "Apply best fits" button is not enabled after Monte Carlo simulation
#1470 closed "Both" option not shown in Capacity calc model
#1285 closed "Ecosim network analysis" "Save to CSV file" push-botton does not work
#1539 closed "Save file as" dialogues should not show "all supported file types"
#1255 closed "Save results to .csv" under "Ecosim group plots" and "Save data to .csv..." under "Ecosim all fits" left pane menu items always default to "EwE output" folder under "Documents"
#141 closed 'Biom accumul ' and 'Biom. acc.' not showing up on Key indicies tab
#1455 closed 'Define taxa" on Ecological Indicators UI does not work
#1000 closed 'Enter' should not be linked to 'OK' in complex interfaces
#1294 closed 'Live' fields stop responding when forms are undocked
#1315 closed 'Prop of contaminant assimm' label wrong in Ecotracer
#1282 closed 'Reference layer' should also be editable from Ecospace Map form
#1258 closed 'Sentivity of SS to V' interface needs legend
#979 closed 'View>Start page' menu item ticked when start page not shown
#1296 closed 64 bit start panel problems
#1297 closed 64 bit version complains about ThemedTreeViews
#1414 closed AIC number of data points incorrect
#1612 closed ASCII file import should allow .txt file extensio
#1611 closed ASCII file import should use fixed US number format
#352 closed Ability to Export Timeseries information as a bulk
#7 closed Aborting a grid cell edit action on an empty cell results in a Debug assertion
#793 closed About > Help > Technical reports an error
#1438 closed Access database driver message incorrect
#1629 closed Access database size becoming a problem
#1149 closed Add 'All' option to Ecosim plots dropdown
#1571 closed Add 'Fish Everywhere' option to habitat fishery in new EwE6.6 layout
#1360 closed Add 'generate sample file' to MutliSim
#864 closed Add 'other mortality' input
#866 closed Add 2 fishery output forms to Ecopath
#904 closed Add AIC (Akaike Information Criteria)
#932 closed Add CSV file that contains all Monte Carlo iterations
#933 closed Add CSV file that contains all Monte Carlo iterations
#1091 closed Add CV to time series
#1276 closed Add EcoWriter
#908 closed Add Ecosim Fleet plots
#923 closed Add Ecosim price elasticity
#1173 closed Add Ecosim tool to trim forcing functions
#851 closed Add EwE5 'Ecopath model from Ecosim' functionality
#1640 closed Add Golden Surfer ASCII grid support
#1326 closed Add MultiSim egg production support
#1603 closed Add RelPP layer for each PP group
#957 closed Add Relative Value plot to Run Ecosim
#1130 closed Add SS contribution display
#1495 closed Add Shannon diversity index
#959 closed Add Value plots to Ecosim Plots
#910 closed Add a way to distinguish time series types in thumbnails
#846 closed Add a way to save map legends
#1447 closed Add ability back to edit many vulnerabilities at once
#1201 closed Add ability for plug-in manager to write to a log
#1338 closed Add ability to hide groups in Keystones graph
#1399 closed Add ability to import shapes
#1632 closed Add biomass emitter plug-in
#1100 closed Add central option to control automatic result saving
#1637 closed Add diet tree maps
#1101 closed Add discards time series to Ecosim
#1159 closed Add filter by unit in Value Chain
#1430 closed Add fleet + group values to Ecosim CSV results
#442 closed Add form under time series
#1007 closed Add forum post notifications to EwE
#940 closed Add interface to MC to set initial value + bounds on V per predator
#211 closed Add kite to policy optimizations
#1443 closed Add link to external tools folder
#1161 closed Add means to change the type of a unit in the value chain
#949 closed Add means to create a beta distribution function
#948 closed Add means to create a beta distribution function
#1259 closed Add means to extract which groups are most sensitive
#921 closed Add means to open 'newer' databases in read-only mode
#829 closed Add new interface for configuring Ecosim environmental parameter drivers
#913 closed Add niche pred-prey plot similar to in EwE5
#917 closed Add niche pred-prey plot similar to in EwE5
#1250 closed Add option to include Stock Reduction Analysis
#1167 closed Add option to invoke show groups / fleets plot for subsets
#1177 closed Add option to save Value Chain results to CSV
#911 closed Add option to see SS by group
#1176 closed Add option view computed Ecosim years in Value Chain grid
#905 closed Add presentation mode
#1223 closed Add result output of transfer efficiency
#899 closed Add shapes grid view
#1178 closed Add stanza support to show/hide groups interface
#242 closed Add time series does not save values
#865 closed Add units to Ecopath forms
#1545 closed Add units to environmental driver layers
#1546 closed Add units to legend images
#1069 closed Add value chain base year
#1068 closed Add value ratio for links from producers
#1078 closed Add variation of diet to Monte Carlo
#903 closed Add warning when a time series dataset contains both Effort and F series
#281 closed Add/ Duplicate egg production shape alters existing graphs
#32 closed AddEcospaceHabitat method Return iNewPos is zero indexed..Should be one indexed.??
#1366 closed Added FAO exploitation status to Taxonomy
#335 closed Adding a mediation shape with no parameters causes crash
#599 closed Adding diets when an Ecosim scenario is loaded will crash an Ecosim Run
#292 closed Adding fleets to Ecopath
#106 closed Adding new Stanza groups causes SumB=0 assertion in CalculateStanzaParameters
#155 closed Adding or duplicating TS do not show up correctly
#73 closed Adjusting time step of Ecosim
#1554 closed Advection arrows do not draw sometimes
#1230 closed Advection not working
#1380 closed Advection wind and upwelling are not saved
#12 closed Aggregatioin Routine does not work for Diet Composition
#54 closed All form resources need to have the designer property 'Localizable' set to True
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