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#1612 closed ASCII file import should allow .txt file extensio
#1414 closed AIC number of data points incorrect
#1297 closed 64 bit version complains about ThemedTreeViews
#1296 closed 64 bit start panel problems
#979 closed 'View>Start page' menu item ticked when start page not shown
#1258 closed 'Sentivity of SS to V' interface needs legend
#1282 closed 'Reference layer' should also be editable from Ecospace Map form
#1315 closed 'Prop of contaminant assimm' label wrong in Ecotracer
#1294 closed 'Live' fields stop responding when forms are undocked
#1000 closed 'Enter' should not be linked to 'OK' in complex interfaces
#1455 closed 'Define taxa" on Ecological Indicators UI does not work
#141 closed 'Biom accumul ' and 'Biom. acc.' not showing up on Key indicies tab
#1255 closed "Save results to .csv" under "Ecosim group plots" and "Save data to .csv..." under "Ecosim all fits" left pane menu items always default to "EwE output" folder under "Documents"
#1539 closed "Save file as" dialogues should not show "all supported file types"
#1285 closed "Ecosim network analysis" "Save to CSV file" push-botton does not work
#1470 closed "Both" option not shown in Capacity calc model
#1254 closed "Apply best fits" button is not enabled after Monte Carlo simulation
6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
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