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#582 closed Multi-stanza configuration damaged when deleting multiple configurations at once
#949 closed Add means to create a beta distribution function
#975 closed Change shape dialogue does not restore shape correctly
#976 closed Show multiple run labels
#973 closed Assigned mediation weights + values interface is not obvious
#825 closed Ecosim plots F and Catch do not correctly break down fleet proportions when F time series loaded.
#941 closed Use standard output path
#972 closed Remove 'annual' prompts
#971 closed Network Analysis throws unwanted prompts when reloading model
#970 closed Remove 'annual' prompt when exporting Ecosim results
#969 closed Ecosim results CSV is erroneous for prey and predationmortality
#932 closed Add CSV file that contains all Monte Carlo iterations
#951 closed Ecospace throw exception when run after Fishing Policy search
#967 closed Taxon Exception when opening second model
#966 closed Detritus flags are incorrectly cleared
#943 closed Mediation exception on assigning both fleet and group to same shape
#814 closed MSE effort not reflected in Ecosim effort
#935 closed Pedigree Confidence Intervals and Monte Carlo confusion
#962 closed Ecospace Sailing Cost map not computing correctly
#927 closed Value Chain result grid does not show fractions
#963 closed Ecosim Plots plot selection
#960 closed FIB is exported to CSV as null in Ecosim Network analysis under indexes with PPR option
#877 closed MPA Optimization Area closed not working
#957 closed Add Relative Value plot to Run Ecosim
#961 closed Price Elasticity Define supply not all group/fleet combo are showing up in selection box
#953 closed Price Elasticity Ecopath baseline value does not show up on sketchpad
#954 closed Price Elasticity default shape label
#959 closed Add Value plots to Ecosim Plots
#955 closed Price Elasticity Define supply must contain fleet indexes
#956 closed FiB index not exported in Network Analysis CSV
#958 closed Network Analysis throws an assertion on Ecosim estimations
#952 closed Change mixed trophic impact graph
#948 closed Add means to create a beta distribution function
#946 closed Ecosim pred/prey interaction interface applies wrong total cap
#945 closed Ecosim saves only max 3 pred/prey interactions
#585 closed Value in ecosim plot
#947 closed Switching to Basic Input
#942 closed Mediation interface does not respond to group and fleet colour changes
#944 closed Mediation interface does not pick correct colours for fleets
#909 closed Transfer Efficiency seems to differ between EwE5 an EwE6
#938 closed Network Analysis forms do not respond to Ecopath changes
#937 closed Application status feedback is slow
#936 closed Biomass Accum should not show
#880 closed Fishing Mortality (F) time series may not appear as Yield or F in output plots
#867 closed PSD Not working at all?
#798 closed Windows 7 reports that the Scientific Interface has stopped working
#933 closed Add CSV file that contains all Monte Carlo iterations
#934 closed Change data format when saving graphs to CSV
#855 closed Monte Carlo and Pedigree for BA
#913 closed Add niche pred-prey plot similar to in EwE5
#928 closed Value Chain equilibrium search options should only be available when Ecosim is loaded
#930 closed Value Chain needs to show the direction of connections
#859 closed Monte Carlo CV application limited
#858 closed Monte Carlo upper and lower parameter limits values differ from EwE5
#857 closed Monte Carlo Parameter limits are overwritten for run
#931 closed Value chain should notify users when not entirely completed
#929 closed Value Chain results page should initialize to current run
#925 closed Saving updated database models
#926 closed Value Chain result grid does not show values per fleet
#918 closed Ecosim scenario "save as" does not work
#919 closed Not clear how to set water/land cells in Ecospace
#920 closed Ecosim Save As problems on MSE
#917 closed Add niche pred-prey plot similar to in EwE5
#916 closed New Ecospace base map is all land
#915 closed Monte Carlo gives same result on different runs
#914 closed Loading monte carlo model twice causes an exception
#911 closed Add option to see SS by group
#903 closed Add warning when a time series dataset contains both Effort and F series
#712 closed Ecospace maps not displaying legend
#906 closed Show model descriptions in the model import form
#846 closed Add a way to save map legends
#869 closed Ecospace Exception when switching from Map to Plot view
#905 closed Add presentation mode
#864 closed Add 'other mortality' input
#866 closed Add 2 fishery output forms to Ecopath
#888 closed Biomass Accumulation does not always update in the 'other production' form for multi stanza groups
#902 closed Ecospace migration seems not to work well
#896 closed Append the Type number to the Times series Type in the Time series Values dialogue (Feature)
#881 closed cCustomComboBoxFleetGroupTree throws an unhandled exception when Dispose is called
#884 closed Fishing Policy Search Maximize by Fleet option output grid not sized to fit frame
#889 closed PP values do not cascade through groups like Names do
#893 closed Want to be able to sketch F-values again
#894 closed Fishing Mortality Sketch pad cause interface to hang
#895 closed Run Ecosim form Exception when explicitly closing
#890 closed base case in Ecosim
#865 closed Add units to Ecopath forms
#870 closed Flow diagram differences between EwE5 and EwE6
#885 closed Ecosim scenarios may not delete
#892 closed Cut and Paste entire grid into Excel drops headers
#891 closed Loading Ecosim may affect groups with imported detritus diets in Ecopath
#887 closed Diets for detritus groups (was: Flow diagram shows mystery links)
#886 closed Ecospace scenarios do not retain fleet maps
#883 closed Fishing Policy Search form is throwing an Exception when it loads then completing the load without a proper initialization
#878 closed Contaminant Tracer crashes when run length is increased
#879 closed Suitability plot tab cannot be undocked
#875 closed Ecosim stock recruitment (SR) plot not working
#876 closed Ecosim Manage Time Series form not formated correctly
#873 closed Time series does not unload when "None" data set is selected
#872 closed Ecospace crashes when changing Ecosim Scenarios from the Advection form
#874 closed Ecosim scenario Save As may not work
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