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#351 closed Change in number formatting
#363 closed Ecospace menu: save as. Can't save to existing name
#317 closed Application crashed when converting 2 models consecutively
#335 closed Adding a mediation shape with no parameters causes crash
#215 closed Ecosim FF values- not saving changes
#216 closed FF - options- shape- not working properly
#217 closed Two missing options on Biomass form - Fleet dynamics and Network analysis
#219 closed Ecosim Vulnerabilities- set vulnerabilities function only allows 1 column at a time
#222 closed Egg Production values cannot be entered- program will not accept changes
#224 closed Egg production- Options- shape- not working properly
#226 closed Apply egg production- need to re-number shapes
#238 closed Status bar-cannot read last line automatically
#242 closed Add time series does not save values
#243 closed Time series long term vs seasonal tab not updating properly
#246 closed Ecopath output>fishery value some values highlighted
#251 closed Network analysis Mix Trophic Impact (loading Impacts.exe and others) Crash [model specific]
#252 closed The current design would not run the Network Analysis repeatedly
#253 closed App crashes when user change db model
#257 closed Fishing Policy Search> output groups not correct
#237 closed There is no interface available to set/change the name of a model
#7 closed Aborting a grid cell edit action on an empty cell results in a Debug assertion
#8 closed Ecopath `Basic Estimates` grid not populated on first call to `Basic Parametrization`
#9 closed Diet Composition Table Values (Displays 0 values and limited to 1)
#10 closed Tab pages goes back to start page when you peg a panel
#17 closed Overwrites database name when importing a database
#18 closed Basic input screen does not show newly added group
#19 closed Several screens do not update deleted groups
#24 closed Ask for conformation before performing actions that cannot be undone
#28 closed Import wizard Back button inconsistency
#32 closed AddEcospaceHabitat method Return iNewPos is zero indexed..Should be one indexed.??
#33 closed EditStanza Error in Editing Values (when edit)
#35 closed EditStanza Calculate button creates more legend lines
#36 closed detritus not being read into diet matrix
#37 closed Database Localization conversion Wizard - cEwEDatabase
#38 closed other production not being calculated
#39 closed importing model screen
#40 closed edit groups keeps crashing :-)
#42 closed Parameterization biomass t/km2 values
#43 closed Ecosim loading scenario
#44 closed GUI crashes when loading a second model with a larger number of groups
#45 closed Ecosim and Ecospace scenario dialogues can ask multiple times to load a scenario
#46 closed Can not run Ecosim once the Run ecospace interface is visible
#47 closed Grid numeric up/down cells crash when entering a non-numerical character
#48 closed Ecosim and Ecospace scenario dialogues can ask multiple times to load a scenario
#49 closed Forcing shapes should not be Ecosim scenario dependent
#50 closed Forcing function manual value modifications are lost
#51 closed Diet Matrix has no feeding on detritus when importing
#52 closed EditMultiStanza changes to vbK
#53 closed Errors during save may corrupt a database
#54 closed All form resources need to have the designer property 'Localizable' set to True
#55 closed Ecopath fishery tabs default values are different than version 5
#56 closed Definition of fleets default values
#57 closed Fleet size dynamics
#58 closed deleting fleets- doesnt really delete anything
#59 closed Biomass of groups keeps disappearing
#60 closed locking of cells/ shading of cells
#61 closed Parameterization of model (number of parameters to enter)
#62 closed Detritus fate
#64 closed Saving/ re-opening a model and loses biomass again
#65 closed grid cell allignment
#66 closed Mass- balance/ parametrization
#67 closed Discard in Ecopath fleets
#68 closed Ecosim Output- general screen issues
#69 closed Fishing fleet effort in Ecosim output
#70 closed Ecosim output- drawing mortality sketches
#71 closed Loading Ecosim scenarios that are not already defined or trying to define them.....
#72 closed Ecosim Biomass output
#73 closed Adjusting time step of Ecosim
#74 closed copying and pasting values
#75 closed Show the least number of significant digits when formatting numbers
#82 closed Fishing fleets- edit fleets (append button)
#83 closed Edit fleets Errors
#84 closed RE-Creating a model
#85 closed Discard Fate- under Fisherys Tab in Ecopath- default values incorrect
#86 closed Parameterization functionality not working
#87 closed App colour dialog only shows known colour names for existing colours
#88 closed Vulnerabilities grid displayed different than EwE5
#90 closed Unassim/ consumpt basic input shading/ locking cells.
#91 closed Fleets- attempting to create a model without a fleet
#92 closed importing a model- producer/consumer groups switching
#93 closed deleting values in a cell
#95 closed Mortality Coefficients in Ecopath output- negative values not showing up
#96 closed Predation mortality- sensitive values
#97 closed adjusting columns
#98 closed Market Price (fishing fleets) default values
#101 closed Ecosim- Load scenario- (scenario will not load)
#102 closed Mulit Stanza edit dialogue will not 'Cancel' the edits
#103 closed Fishery Quantity and Value grid..to be implemented as EwE5 behavior
#104 closed Electivity those colored Cell visualizer does not draw background correctly while being selected.
#105 closed Status panel sub-messages will flip warning icon to information icon when selected
#106 closed Adding new Stanza groups causes SumB=0 assertion in CalculateStanzaParameters
#108 closed Ecopath Key indicies tab- 0's are not showing
#109 closed Ecosim- Group info tab- max P/B ratio different than version 5
#110 closed creating and saving a new model- not working properly
#111 closed Database default folder- can we change this?
#116 closed Edit multistanza groups not making it to the core
#118 closed Basic input not automatically reflecting changes (editing multi-stanza)
#119 closed Parameterization- with multi-stanza not working correctly
#121 closed Ecopath output Fishery- quantity screen- total catch missing/ labels different from version 5
#123 closed Vulnerabilities grid values not saved in the database
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