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#691 closed Labels on Ecospace output map badly visible and static
#689 closed Ecospace 'small multiples' plot does not respond to show/hide groups settings
#211 closed Add kite to policy optimizations
#688 closed Ecospace does not save on Importance layers
#687 closed Ecospace import of ports adds too many ports
#686 closed Ecosim Export to .csv does not work
#657 closed Opening tab will open another tab - when selecting a plug-in node
#674 closed Ecosim plot 'Yield by fleet' should show cumulative data
#229 closed Estimate Vulnerabilities button needs to be implemented
#685 closed Ecospace: cannot add importance layer
#684 closed Ecospace sailing cost not computed per fleet
#683 closed Particle Size Distribution flag is not reset when loading a new model
#682 closed Ecopath Detritus Fate values disappear
#254 closed Fishing policy search> not all buttons functional
#681 closed Ecopath statistics shows wrong value for total PP / total resp
#679 closed Ecosim Apply Egg Production thumbnails do not respond to global thumbnail settings
#678 closed Ecosim Apply Egg Production - thumbnails do not update
#641 closed Ecopath_Other production Changes automated test failed
#630 closed Forcing function_continued_cannot re-search
#677 closed Ecopath PP interface
#665 closed Editing Time Series values will reset target group to 1
#675 closed User edits to Efforts were lost when Timeseries was loaded.
#673 closed Crashing model
#672 closed Model does not save after crash
#671 closed Fit to Time Series cannot increase number of blocks in Search of SS to V
#627 closed Fit to time series (anomaly search) - cannot re-search after changing FF
#670 closed Ecopath landings not picked up in Ecosim
#669 closed Sketching mediation functions may crash Ecosim
#668 closed Ecosim effort is not picked up after pressing 'reset all'
#667 closed Import time series fails when data columns miss values
#499 closed I can't get the MTI image and Flow and Catch pyramids (Network analysis plug-in)
#648 closed Flow pyramid reports an error
#484 closed EwE5 Database on Ecopath.org fails to import
#234 closed The horizontal scroll bar in Ecosim Parameter and Ecospace Parameter forms is not working properly
#299 closed Ecopath: Diet composition table
#530 closed Ecosim Sums of Squares not calculated
#419 closed Network Analysis reporting negative respiration when Basic Estimates does NOT
#453 closed SS inconsistency
#640 closed Ecopath_Diet change automated test failed
#639 closed Biomass_Change automated test failed
#483 closed MPA does not persist through core when loading
#300 closed Ecosim
#620 closed Fishing effort shapes in the SI interface don't update when changing Ecosim scenarios
#233 closed Focus is lost when tabbing into into certain regions of the forms
#626 closed Non-administrator users do not load plugin - unable to load model
#140 closed Grids do not properly allow users to set a selection via keyboard
#607 closed Database update: Not fired when double clicking on MDB file
#606 closed Program freezes if you do not save scenario when loading a new one
#570 closed Ecospace maps do not Invalidate when input change
#637 closed Forcing functions lost in ecosim fitting to time series
#472 closed Changing the depth/land layer in the ecospace map will affect existing Run Ecospace results
#258 closed Logging application events in the Log file seriously affects application performance
#340 closed Network analysis output missing output lines
#651 closed Ecosim Timeseries setting effort from another scenario
#661 closed Opening a database from the core does not run database updates
#560 closed Importing model with created Ecosim scenario gives incorrect results
#549 closed Headers for predation mortality graph do not show up in Excel
#446 closed problem in showing the graph of mixed trophic impact.
#325 closed Policy Search> Gen discount rate causes extreme results
#589 closed Change in Ecosim output when edits made to Ecopath input (only this database)
#660 closed Remove mediation group causes error box
#616 closed Deleting Med function with applications may cause error messages
#664 closed Cannot edit time series values
#659 closed Mediation numbering inconsistent when one is deleted
#244 closed Tabbing in Edit-Multi Stanza form does not go in full circle
#636 closed ecosim scenarios do not keep the information in description
#654 closed Ecosim # of imported timeseres labeled as 0
#653 closed Delete Timeseries Not working
#231 closed Do the Ecopath
#232 closed Should the Mediation
#658 closed Altering Ecopath Diet Composition does not change the model.
#656 closed Multistanza: Changing Biomass Accum / Biomass does not change core
#652 closed Timeseries weighting default=0 NOT 1
#473 closed Ecosim may crash when saving TS data in older EwE6 databases
#538 closed unable to open model in EwE 6.0.4
#429 closed Network analysis (ecosim) got FIB but no graph of NA indices.
#643 closed Bug in policy search
#2 closed Only administrative access to see database
#3 closed Diferences between Ecopath versions
#236 closed No horizontal nor vertical scroll bar in Time Series form even though its AutoScroll property has been set to True
#248 closed Tabbing in Add time series form does not go in full circle
#416 closed Opening model to Ecospace with large map takes a looooooooooooooooong time
#359 closed Run Ecosim: Autoscale not working
#380 closed Egg production duplicate shape not working correctly
#245 closed In the Edit Multi-Stanza form one can delete data in the read-only cell
#292 closed Adding fleets to Ecopath
#235 closed Should the Dataset drop down in the Time Series form have a default entry `All`?
#230 closed Navigation in the navigator using down and up arrows is not possible
#520 closed GUI allows users to make changes when a search is running
#228 closed Tabbing from the Set text box into the EwE grid is not being supported
#460 closed columns in detritus fate & fishery discard fate are interchanged on import into 6
#25 closed Change AddEcospaceRegion and AddEcospaceMPA method
#646 closed Monte Carlo run trials cannot change from default
#635 closed EwE grid paste behaviour inconsistent with Excel
#634 closed Launching app by double-clicking MDB may not load plug-ins
#625 closed Display value of EE by group in Summary Box
#633 closed FF applied to PP are reported as 'Search rate' applications
#632 closed Cannot import CSV time series when file is already open in Excel
#629 closed Non-decimal point systems cannot read US databases
#631 closed Switching applied FF to producer crashes Fit to TS
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