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#1210 closed Connect plug-ins to the auto-save structure
#1070 closed Value Chain zoom factor out of whack when scrolling
#1205 closed Ecotracer group sorting does not work
#1203 closed Double-click database launches EwE but does not load DB
#1202 closed Ecotracer output form throws exception
#586 closed Equilibrium analysis: MSY
#1191 closed Ecosim "reset all" does not reset Fishing Mortality shapes
#1199 closed Result Extractor should be robust against inproper use
#1197 closed Result Extractor should notify user of saved files
#1195 closed Migration map editor may throw errors
#1194 closed Plug-ins should be connected to Help
#1193 closed Driver layers not included in list of exportable / importable layers
#1192 closed Ecospace layer output dialog needs tweaks
#1188 closed Value Chain should not run with searches
#1187 closed Delete group with loaded TS causes exceptions
#1154 closed Ecosim plots do not properly reflect catches
#1136 closed Ecosim plot catch by fleet is inconsistent
#1150 closed Group plot layout does not fit screen
#1179 closed Ecosim Stop button does not work
#1183 closed Deleting stanza life stage does not fix leading B, CB group
#1184 closed Provide visual clues to distinguish reference and driving time series
#1180 closed Ecosim Detritus Groups interface not highlighting correctly
#1182 closed Status panel expand click navigates to hyperlink
#1177 closed Add option to save Value Chain results to CSV
#1176 closed Add option view computed Ecosim years in Value Chain grid
#1175 closed Predator and prey order reversed in Ecosim plots
#1130 closed Add SS contribution display
#1173 closed Add Ecosim tool to trim forcing functions
#1174 closed Shape grids show wrong time scales
#1040 closed Ecospace throws an Exception after maps have been re-sized
#443 closed Changing values
#964 closed Ecospace sailing cost map distorted N/S vs E/W
#1134 closed Ecospace throws an exception if Ecosim Reset all has been clicked
#1172 closed Graph shows multiple legend entries for the same group when showing multiple runs
#1171 closed Database update 6.120001
#1170 closed Value Chain results by fleet do not add up
#1169 closed Database load process should abort when unable to make a rescue backup
#1168 closed Options dialog crashes on invalid path characters
#1167 closed Add option to invoke show groups / fleets plot for subsets
#1151 closed Remove obsolete time series prompt
#1017 closed Ecosim parameters "Nutrient proportion of free nutrients" should not be a up-down control
#965 closed Running searches need to be better protected and terminated
#782 closed Plug-in auto update logic does not detect new releases of the same version number
#1166 closed Checkbox cells in grids need to be connected as regular cells
#1161 closed Add means to change the type of a unit in the value chain
#1165 closed Cannot apply both FF and MedF to Ecosim
#1164 closed Vulnerabilities do not save
#1163 closed Link groups and fleets when selecting 'visible items'
#1091 closed Add CV to time series
#910 closed Add a way to distinguish time series types in thumbnails
#939 closed Show or hide Ecosim plots
#968 closed Value chain additions and changes
#1073 closed Stanza grids may not group life stages together
#1162 closed Value Chain results grid totals do not match
#1160 closed Value Chain navigation jumps around
#1159 closed Add filter by unit in Value Chain
#1066 closed Form control layout is affected by ZedGraphHelper
#1063 closed Value Chain layout logic needs to be improved
#1158 closed Network Analysis spelling errors
#1157 closed Network Analysis slow
#1155 closed Ecosim group plots do not show driving F time series
#1152 closed Fit to Time Series iteration feedback needs spacing
#1135 closed Graphs should only show visible items in the legend
#1065 closed Report global SVN build number in EwE
#1028 closed Shape sketch pads X-axis label placements are incorrect
#899 closed Add shapes grid view
#649 closed Ecospace has problems with big basemaps
#901 closed Export ecospace time steps to CSV file
#1156 closed Flow Diagram settings changes are not immediately drawn
#922 closed Flow diagram changes
#1146 closed Issue report and EwE about box should state OS version, NET version
#1153 closed Clearing cell in Value Chain throws an error
#1148 closed Ecosim CSV results differ from Network Analysis
#1149 closed Add 'All' option to Ecosim plots dropdown
#1147 closed Cannot find fishing policy run button
#1111 closed Ecospace cost summary not correct when running 1 time step per year
#1144 closed Error when modifying TS target in Time Series grid
#1143 closed Import wizard does not show content
#1048 closed Monte Carlo not working for multi-stanza
#1142 closed Ecospace map edit operation my look confusing
#1141 closed Seasonal shape sketchpads are missing month labels
#1140 closed Name label misleading in apply egg production grid
#1139 closed Increasing ecospace map size creates input map artifact
#1131 closed Better reflect habitat area fractions
#1037 closed Importing basemaps into Ecospace fails
#1127 closed Ecospace results grid incorrect for the "End:" period
#1126 closed Ecospace results time steps does not always responded correctly.
#1129 closed Group SS shown in Run Ecosim is unclear
#1125 closed Monte Carlo option Load From Pedigree does not work
#1074 closed Model craches after creating groups in a new model
#1116 closed Cannot set values in the Fishing cost map
#1110 closed Monte Carlo seems to perturb values outside allowed limits
#1124 closed Edit layer data may cause layer image to be lost
#1122 closed Ecosim and Ecospace scenario dialogs not shown in Presentation Mode
#1121 closed MAP optimizations form may throw an exception when closed
#1098 closed No map zoom in MPA optimizations form
#1113 closed Flow diagram should not hide groups
#1112 closed Centrally manage which EwE components save outputs
#1109 closed Monte Carlo CV values of 0 result in strange upper limits
#1105 closed Unloaded information may still be shown as 'selected'
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