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#1080 suspended Ecospace groups on land cbullman

We tried linking a newer version of my EwE model (with no advection checked) and now we have all the groups distributed in all the land cells. So the problem is now worse. I’m trying to remember if I have used a newer software version since creating the first model which is a possibility. However this sounds weirder and weirder. I have attached the new db for you to take a look at it and see if this is occurring in EwE or whether we shall have to look much deeper into the linkage code. Because it didn’t happen before except for that one group - I’m suspicious. Also attached an example csv file of before and after spatial values for a group on handing to and from Atlantis-It is actually the whale group-we have a problem with incorrect labels but we’re working on that one . Can you tell if it’s still an EwE problem?

#1496 suspended Cannot save Mixed Trophic Impact Data to CSV file jeroens justb

If I try to “save the impacting/impacted matrix to CSV file”, EwE asks me to “load an Ecosim scenario before running Network Analysis for Ecosim”. Occur the same if I change for another scenario

After loading an scenario and saying to save to a csv file, EwE re-calculate the matrix, appearing all the values as “0”. Consequently, the “Mixed trophic impact plot” is empty.

#1497 suspended Path and Cycles stops EwE from working justb

EwE crashed after checking several items (cycles, pathways, etc) into this level (“Ecopath with Ecosim 6 for Windows Desktop dejó de funcionar”. “Cerrar programa”)

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