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#46 fixed Can not run Ecosim once the Run ecospace interface is visible administrator joeb

Open Ecospace then go back to Ecosim and try to run the loaded scenario. Ecosim will not run. At least it will not draw the graph.

This problem does not seem to exist anymore. The graph does update.

#47 fixed Grid numeric up/down cells crash when entering a non-numerical character administrator jeroens

To reproduce:

  • Load a model with stanza groups
  • Open the Insert groups, Edit multi stanza dialog
  • On a stanza row, select the 'Stanza Age' cell (do NOT doubleclick)
  • Type any non-numeric character

The application will assert. This needs to be solved in the Grid itself

Solved this in the SourceGrid2 project. EwE6 GUI now references back to this project rather than to sourcegrid2.dll

#48 fixed Ecosim and Ecospace scenario dialogues can ask multiple times to load a scenario administrator jeroens

Cloned from bug 47.

Solutions that need implementing:

  1. The color manager should initialize its colors as part of the Ecopath initialization sequence since the data is stored at Ecopath level.
  1. Loading colors should not flag the model as dirty; this should only happen when the user actively modifies colors.

Colours were changed by freak accident (ByRef? vs Byval when passing cEcopathInput.PoolColor? as a parameter)

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