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#258 suspended Logging application events in the Log file seriously affects application performance jeroens

Currently, application events are logged in an XML file which is opened, appended to and closed again after every event, which seriously affects application performance when the log file reaches a size > 1MB.

I propose to use a flat text file that simply can be appended to. Additionally, the text file can be kept open while the application is running. This is not possible with XML based files.

This will still give us good information content but with serious performance gain.

#538 suspended unable to open model in EwE 6.0.4 jeroens davec

I was able to import a model from EwE 5 into EwE 6.0.4 only once. Now when I try to open that imported model, or import another model, I get an error message: unhandled exception has occured...object reference not set to an instance of an object. If I click continue at the error message, then EwE says importing model... in the status bar, but nothing ever happens. I've unistalled and reinstalled both EwE 5 and EwE 6, and the problem persists.

#804 suspended Complex plug-in installer packages cannot be versioned and deployed yet jeroens jeroens

Future plug-ins, such as the spatial data plug-in points, will require installation of a series of dll files. Windows installers and installer patches, .msi and .msp files, are the best bet to deploy such plug-in points. At the moment EwE6 does not have a system to compare the version of a plug-in point with the version of the .msi file that provided the plug-in point.

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