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#17 fixed Overwrites database name when importing a database administrator shermanl

When you import a database, and select a model. The output file name will default to overwrite file any existing file name. This should be corrected.


  • Have previous default EwE6 database open. (has to be imported from EwE5)
  • Open Ewe5 database again, and select model
  • By default, it will overwrite existing file name without prompting.

Solution: Ask for simple prompt if you want to overwrite database.

#18 fixed Basic input screen does not show newly added group administrator shermanl

When a new group has been added to the group list, the basic input screen does not show this new group while other screens do.

Edit Groups + to add groups and modify name Basic input screen...

will not show newly added groups Actual Bug Changes to the group list are stored in the ecopath model in the database. The core reloads the ecopath model and the Core Interface layer is fully updated; the new group information is available to the GUI. The GUI screens however do not refresh their content. Only when newly opened a GUI screen will display the new group, which is why DietComp? (which would have not been open when the group was added, otherwise it would have shown the same behaviour) shows the group when opened.

Solution It has once been decided to close all forms whenever the core lists such as groups and fleets have been manipulated. This must be implemented/fixed.

#19 fixed Several screens do not update deleted groups administrator robynf

Edit Groups:

Deleted groups are only deleted from some screens e.g., diet composition, landings, but not from others, e.g basic input. The screens which do and do not get updated seems inconsistent (although the Basic Input screen is never updated).

Closing and re-opening the model fixes the problem.

When you close the model after deleting groups, there is no prompt to save the model, implying it has already been saved - perhaps there should be a warning to users that group deletion cannot be undone?

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