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#1603 not an issue Add RelPP layer for each PP group jeroens

In Ecosim users can apply PP forcing to individual PP groups. Ecospace has only one RelPP layer; to better force the production of different Producers we need to have a RelPP layer for year producer group.

The Ecosim code must already resolve ambient nutrients; Ecospace can borrow the same principles

#1600 not an issue MSY strange behaviour viliyc

I was checking the MSY calculations in Ecosim, and noticed some very strange behavior on the simple model I used for the purpose: Anchovy Bay (attached)

In the model Cod has an F of 0.15/year, but when running the MSY search the full compensation stops at 0.04 and crashes the cod. See screenshot. They then bounce briefly back at an F around 0.15 but crashes again. I’ve tried to make long-term (500 years) run in Ecosim where I gradually increase F from 0 to 0.15 and the model behaves absolutely reasonable in that case. The stationary fmsy is probably ok (around 0.09). I cannot figure out what is going on, but it is definitely not right. Worrisome as I have to run a bunch of models to get fmsy with short deadline.

Would you look into is, asap, please

#1598 fixed Group capacity type UI could use a 'reset inputs' button jeroens

The form now has three toolbar options to quickly select input only, hab on/off, and env resp on/off. THis is a bit silly, as the quick editor provides the same options.

Instead, an option to reset all input capacity would be more useful

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