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#940 wontfix Add interface to MC to set initial value + bounds on V per predator joeb jeroens

MC modifies V's by predator, but there is no interface to control the initial values and upper and lower bounds.

#974 wontfix Allow duplicate names of forms jeroens jeroens

Currently, the navigation tree / form synchronization in the Scientific Interface relies of the captions of forms. It has been requested that the Ecosim run forms get stripped of their 'Ecosim" prefixes but this would cripple the current system.

It is straight forward to synchronize the navigation tree and forms via navigation tree node names which are unique and not shown to users. This however has implications for synchronizing pages in plug-ins that show multiple pages within the same UI.

Ideally, Network Analysis (and other plug-ins such as Value Chain) would return true independent EwE forms for individual plug-in points but this quite the an overhaul.

#1582 wontfix Cannot enter pedigree values outsude pre-defined classifications jeroens martac

At first I thought that I could not paste values into the Pedigree grid. Then I realized that the pedigree grid only accepts values that have been pre-defined as pedigree levels (e.g., with a fixed color, index value, and confidence interval).

I think it should allow users to enter any confidence interval or index value. Perhaps the 'classifications' box should highlight the two classifications that are just above and below the entered value?

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