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#24 fixed Ask for conformation before performing actions that cannot be undone administrator jeroens

When you close the model after deleting groups, there is no prompt to save the model, implying it has already been saved - perhaps there should be a warning to users that group deletion cannot be undone?

This are separate issues.

  1. When deleting any data, the application should ask for confirmation
  2. When items have been added or removed, there is no need to save the model. Data additions and removals are instantaneous (just like in EwE5)
#28 fixed Import wizard Back button inconsistency administrator jeroens

When a database cannot be overwritten because it is in use upon import, it does not work to free up the database and try again in the wizard. The wizard has to be closed in order for this to work.

Steps performed:

  • Open a previously imported EwE6 database in MS Access
  • Start the import wizard and select the MSY database
  • Select a model to import
  • As output file, enter the path to database that is currently open in Access
  • Click Next.

The wizard will throw a generic message (which is wrong but that's another issue)

  • Click Back
  • Close MS Access
  • Click Next

The import process is supposed to start now. Instead, the wizard does not start the import process.

#30 fixed Ecospace Define Habitats Fraction variable not exposed by core. administrator user8

This variable is used in both EwE5 and EwE6 Ecospace Define habitats UI.

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