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#1455 fixed 'Define taxa" on Ecological Indicators UI does not work szymons

The Ecological Indicators plug-in contains a link to define taxa. It does not do anything when I click it

#1000 fixed 'Enter' should not be linked to 'OK' in complex interfaces jeroens jeroens

Standard Windows user interface guidelines state that 'Enter' presses should be linked to 'OK' buttons, and 'Esc' presses to 'Cancel' buttons, in standard dialogue boxes. For EwE this is misleading and can easily lead to undesired situations, for instance when editing group information in the 'Define groups' interface.

As a guideline, any 'Enter' links should NOT be linked to 'OK' buttons in any complex interface.

#1294 fixed 'Live' fields stop responding when forms are undocked jeroens jeroens

Input fields in the EwE user interface are connected to underlying data using Format Providers, which ensure standardized formatting, colour feedback, and live data changes.

The docking framework in EwE allows forms to be torn out of the EwE user interface. This underneath destroys and recreates the Windows controls wrapped by .NET. This trigger was sufficient to detach the controls from their format wrappers, thus breaking their ability to follow live data changes, and to submit data changes to the core.

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