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#244 wontfix Tabbing in Edit-Multi Stanza form does not go in full circle jeroens joeh

The EwE6 grid could be the problem source

#254 wontfix Fishing policy search> not all buttons functional jeroens carieh

Under the optimization approach, I am not able to select batch run or use ecospace. They are both shaded grey at the moment. (I am not sure if this is intentional)

#540 wontfix Network Analysis: MTI villyc carieh

From user:Alberto Barausse This is not precisely a bug according to the standard meaning, but in the MTI analysis discarded groups are positively impacting the fleet that discards them, i.e. I believe they are treated as landings making up the fleet diet matrix. If I am right (this is what clearly appears from my model) I think the routine should be corrected.

Hi guys, I tried to test this by opening the generic model -copying the Mixed Trophic Index for the model -adding discards to small reeffish (they currently do not affect the fishery)

(I added 0.1 t/km2 discards)

-recalculating the MTI

The MTI for reeffish small (xaxis) to fleet 1 (yaxis) changed from 0.0046 to 0.021 so in my opinion the reeffish is having a positive effect on the reeffish?

The MTI for fleet 1 (xaxis) to reeffish small (yaxis)changed from 0.2473 to 0.2473 so no change.

I am not sure why the fish are having a positive effect on the fishery when they are ONLY inserted as discards, perhaps some interactions that are not direct between the two. I am struggling with how to answer this for the user, and I am not sure it is actually a bug, so I will assign to Villy. (sorry Villy)

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