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#909 fixed Transfer Efficiency seems to differ between EwE5 an EwE6 Konstantinos Tsagarakis

I've worked on an ecopath model in the N. Aegean sea (E. Mediterranean, Greece) and I am attending your course next week.

I have observed some differences between the results of EwE5 and EwE6 concerning the transfer efficiencies (see table in the attached file). Is it possible that there is a bug, am I doing something wrong or...?

#763 fixed Time series confusion in EwE jeroens Maciej T. Tomczak

... what I found is: Ecopath model was built and parameterized for 1974. The environmental forcing time series in csv file are scaled to 1 in 1974. When importing time series from csv file (including environmental forcing time series as well as biomasses, catches and F) starts at 1974 (include in the email) Ecosim read and download the forcing as a 1973 while B, C and F from 1974 (look at the screens). Moreover the environmental time series are not 12 mounts in first year. I wondering if it is a bug, bug in labelling only or there are something behind it? whey forcing is download automatically with time lag?

#325 fixed Policy Search> Gen discount rate causes extreme results administrator administrator

version Model lab 6 When running the model in both versions of the program, I changes the discount rate to 0.2 and models seemed consistent, then i changed the gen discount rate to 0.9 (I know this is an extreme value), and version 5 model gave results for the gear (2.1, 0.95,0.85, 0.92) where as version 6 gave results (17.8, 13.9, 1.07,1) I realize there will be some differences, but I think this difference is a bit extreme

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