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#7 fixed Aborting a grid cell edit action on an empty cell results in a Debug assertion administrator jeroens

To reproduce:

  • In the scientific interface load any model
  • In the basic inputs tab, double-click an editable cell without a value
  • Now click another cell

The GUI sends the empty value for the cell as a new value, which chokes the core

#8 fixed Ecopath `Basic Estimates` grid not populated on first call to `Basic Parametrization` administrator joeb

On the first run of an EcoPath? model menu 'EcoPath?->Basic Parametrization' the output grid on the 'Basic Estimates' tab does not contain the computed values i.e. EE or Trophic Level.

To reproduce Load an eii file. Select the menu option 'EcoPath?->Basic Parametrization'. The 'Basic Estimates' tab will now be visible Trophic Level and EE do not contain any value. Rerun the model via the menu option 'EcoPath?->Basic Parametrization' Trophic Level and EE will now populate with the computed model values.

I don't think these values are being requested from the core on the first model run.

#9 fixed Diet Composition Table Values (Displays 0 values and limited to 1) administrator shermanl
  • Diet comp table displays 0.00 values when it should be blank. Not sure if it should be null or zero
  • Should not limit input value to 1 since users might want to input the table by grams and use sum to 1 feature
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