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#647 not an issue Getting dollar value used in the policy search chrisb

Hi, I am using the policy search to optimize fishing effort for maximizing dollar value in an Ecosim run. I want to compare the dollar value over runs with the optimal fishing effort scenario but different forcing functions. The problem is that the dollar value I calculate in my EcosimRunCompleted? plugin (by summing up individual fleet values) seems to be different to the dollar value used in the optimization. How can I access the dollar value used in the policy search and how is it calculated? Thankyou, Chris

#655 not an issue Ecospace does not read my time series of fishing effort and mortality from Ecosim martac

I have a model fitted to time series of data, with some of this series being fishing effort and fishing mortality, and the rest being catch and biomass to compare results. I run this model, go to Ecospace and run it, but Ecospace does not see the forcing series, so it simulations are done with any fishing effort so I get my ecosystem to recover! How can I make Ecospace reading my series? I can send you my model with the time series. By the way, this is also happening in v5.

#659 not an issue Mediation numbering inconsistent when one is deleted jeroens carieh

If you delete a mediation function (and likely a FF also) they are still numbered 1,2,3,etc. (I deleted #1), but there was still a #1, a new blank mediation function. So that looks correct, the numbering re-adjusts itself.

But if you go to apply the function to a group, when you click in the cell there is no mediation function #1, the one that was drawn on was #2. It appears the numbers in the apply mediation do not adjust themselves

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