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#1535 fixed Need clear control over Ecospace capacity calculations jeroens

EwE 6.5 allows users to configure how Ecospace will calculate habitat capacity: from habitats, from environmental drivers, or both. How this system uses the underlying capacity input maps is unclear. This needs improving

#1534 fixed Import pedigree from another model jeroens jeroens

It would be very handy to be able to import pedigree definitions from another model. This has been requested several times in the past

#1532 fixed Need a way to sketch only on one habitat layer jeroens jeroens

When sketching habitat layer content, Ecospace automatically adjusts the proportion of habitat area of other habitats to make sure the total amount of habitat in a cell does not exceed 1. This can be undesired when just wanting to explore the impact of changes in one habitat.

As a current work-around users can modify habitat area values in the grids of individual habitat layers, but that is a bit of an arduous process. It would be handy to be able to turn habitat area corrections on or off.

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