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#617 not an issue Ecopath- >Output-> Prey overlap- supressed values apprearing carieh carieh

For some reason there are some suppressed values in the prey overlap (But not in the predator overlap) that are appearing when the values are copied into excel Version 6060630

To reproduce -open model -open prey overlap -copy grid -paste into excel

You will notice there are now values on the upper half of the interface in excel, when they are not there in the program...or at least are not visible to the user

#618 not an issue Ecopath->output- electivity supressed values =-1 carieh carieh

The suppressed values for the electivity interface are represented as -1 in excel not 0. In version 5 they appear as -, which i believe is just a placeholder or a no value cell.

-open model -open Electivity -copy all values -paste into excel ...and watch all the -1's appear!

Version 6060630

#622 not an issue Ecospace results are not consistent with input parameters- dispersal rates carieh

This is from Maria, and her problem is as follows -she has an ecospace model where sea otters are locked into one cell (10km) in the basemap with a dispersal rate of 2 km/year. -when she runs ecospace and looks at the results for different years, it shows the sea otters in other sells within the first year (which they should not be).

  • She has assigned habitats and areas within the thought is that these may be locked together in the coding causing them to be found in the same habitat but not the same area?

-Please let me know if you want me to make a mock-up model or send you hers. Carie

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