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#65 fixed grid cell allignment administrator carieh

Ok sorry for this as a bug, but as a user it would be MUCH nicer if when I opened any of the tabs, I could see all the categories. The most notable screen is the Basic Input screen- I cannot see B,P/Q,Q/B, EE,P/Q, detritus import, etc. all in one view. I think there is enough room that they could all fit on the screen without having to scroll right. The screens that are a problem are: input data- Basic input Ecopath- basic estimates Ecopath- fishery- quantity Ecopath-fishery- value Ecosim- input- group info

Any of the ones that change depending on the number of groups- I understand might run off the screen, but the basic ones could fit very easily I think.

#66 fixed Mass- balance/ parametrization administrator carieh

I have imported a model (Fish 501- lab 1) and I get an error that my model is not balanced, because of the detritus group- it has an EE=-9,999.99 (commas and decimals are euro- style), and the model doesnt like that the EE value... or maybe its the Euro- style :-). Also when I click on the status tab I get the message `computed EE is invalid for group 6 (detritus), but the next line down says my Ecopath run was sucesful- I am a little confused on these messages. I think this goes back to the locked cells etc. If I try to manually edit the EE of detritus (set it equal to 0), the program just deletes it- it doesnt like me entering 0 or 0.0 or 0.0000 when I exit the cell the number gets erased.

However, when I inport a model (essentially the same one with the same values) it will balance fine, although I still get a warning because the detritus EE=0.000, so I am not sure if you should allow detritus to have an EE=0, because this will most always be the case for these groups. I am not sure you should get a warning for this. But with the imported model it does not give me the errors for missing parameters. I still have the same number of parameters in the model (exactly the same ones) but I am NOT getting the error message that I am missing May be related to bug 63

See Bug 63 also- may be related

#67 fixed Discard in Ecopath fleets administrator carieh

Defaults are not set correctly

This has different default values for each fishery fleet. In version 5 the default value is 1 for detritus, and 0 for export, and this is the case for the first fleet added ( the default fleet- that you re-name), but if you add in more fleets, then the values are not the same they switch to a default value of 0 for detritus, and 1 for exports. The same is the case for additional fleets added (same problem as detritus fate in Ecopath) so the default for the existing dummy fleet is correct, but when you add in others the defaults are not correct.

Detritus/export defaults for new fleets are now consistent with EwE5

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