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#62 fixed Detritus fate administrator carieh

Creted a new model 2A and when I checked the detritus fate default, I think it is backwards. In version 5 the default is that the detritus is set to 1 and the export is set to 0, so that the sum =1. In version it is the other way around so that the detritus=0 and the export=1, might want to double check this.

Solved in bug 69

#63 unable to duplicate Creating a new model- crashing jeroens carieh

This time when I set the basic input I get an error message about the parameters- Object reference not set to an instance of an object I clicked continue, but I cannot get out of the basic input screen un less I hit the cancel button on the bottom. then when I get back to the basic input screen the edit groups button it grey (I cannot click on it)- basically the program crashed at the basic input tab- but I created a new model and then it worked..... I'm not sure what the problem was

I re-created a few more models after this and things were fine, so I am not sure if it was a fluke thing or not

#64 fixed Saving/ re-opening a model and loses biomass again administrator carieh

I am able to save and re-open my model- excellent. Although I re-entered the biomass before I closed it- it is now missing again.... everything else seems to be in the model.

See bug 61- most likely related

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