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#1541 fixed Fit to Time Series layout problems jeroens jeroens

The Fit to Time Series user interface partially falls past the right edge of the screen. The colour block selector, colour block slide, and colour blocks all expand beyond the right edge of the window, making it impossible to manually enter values for the last predator column(s)

#1540 fixed Ecospace Fleet order does not change jeroens

When reordering fleets in Ecopath, Ecosim correctly follows suit but Ecospace does not. This means that Ecospace MPA settings and fishing costs are suddenly applied to different fleets

#1539 fixed "Save file as" dialogues should not show "all supported file types" jeroens jeroens

The EwE UI is trying to be a bit too smart. File Dialogs, by default, aggregate all file extensions to show "all supported file formats". This is handy when loading files, but should not appear when saving files. This filter item is not usable in the save dialogs.

Using this item results in internal warnings, and the selection of the first file extent. This is rather unexpected, but the file save is handled correctly from here on

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