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#1539 fixed "Save file as" dialogues should not show "all supported file types" jeroens jeroens

The EwE UI is trying to be a bit too smart. File Dialogs, by default, aggregate all file extensions to show "all supported file formats". This is handy when loading files, but should not appear when saving files. This filter item is not usable in the save dialogs.

Using this item results in internal warnings, and the selection of the first file extent. This is rather unexpected, but the file save is handled correctly from here on

#1255 fixed "Save results to .csv" under "Ecosim group plots" and "Save data to .csv..." under "Ecosim all fits" left pane menu items always default to "EwE output" folder under "Documents" jeroens ekina

This is not a bug but a major usability annoyance. In Ecosim, both of the "Save results/data to .csv" options under "Ecosim group plots" and "Ecosim all fits" left pane menu items always default to the "EwE output" folder under user's "Documents" folder. However, it should default either to the "last saved folder" if any results of the loaded model have been previously saved by the user or to the "currently loaded model's folder". Here is a summary of steps to reproduce the behaviour:

  1. Open any model in Ecosim.
  2. Run the Ecosim simulation.
  3. Click the "Ecosim all fits" left pane menu item.
  4. Select "Save plots > Save data to .csv..." and pick a folder other than the default "EwE output" folder in the pop-up window.
  5. Then move to the "Ecosim group plots" left pane menu item.
  6. Click "Save results to .csv..." push button on the bottom right.
  7. Observe that the pop-up window that opens to offer the save location again is reset to the "EwE output" folder.

Expected behaviour:

The program should have remembered the "last saved location" when offering the location in the pop-up window on "Step 7" because previously another "results" has already been saved to a location other than the default. Or as an option, the program may default to the current loaded model's directory rather than the "EwE output" if no results have been saved previously.

#141 fixed 'Biom accumul ' and 'Biom. acc.' not showing up on Key indicies tab administrator joeb

Bug report 0000040 Other Production has been fixed. These values should now be in the Biom accumul and Biom. acc. cells for Macroalgea they are not See bug 0000040 for popualting these values

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