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#140 wontfix Grids do not properly allow users to set a selection via keyboard jeroens

Commonly, the keyboard interface to make a selection in a Grid in Windows is as follows:

  • Move the focus to different cells with the arrow keys
  • Select cells by press and holding the [Shift] key. The cell that the [Shift] key was first pressed becomes the first anchor point of the new selection; the current position of the focus becomes the second anchor point of the new selection. Whenever the cell focus moves, the rectangular range from first to second anchor is selected
  • Behaviour of the [Ctrl] key is not standardized among applications

In EwE6, navigating a grid with the keyboard and [Shift] and/or [Ctrl] only selects the new focus cell, not the range between cells

#231 wontfix Do the Ecopath shermanl joeh

Do the Ecopath, Ecosim and Ecospace toolbar buttons need shortcut keys?

#233 wontfix Focus is lost when tabbing into into certain regions of the forms joeh

In Predator Overlay, Prey Overlay, focus is lost when tabbing into into the upper right region. In Electivity, focus is lost when tabbing into columns other than the first two

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