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#468 not an issue Values for forcing functions administrator villyc

Ecosim, Forcing function, click value: the spreadsheet shows numbers, 1950, 1951, etc. while the values displayed actually are monthly.

_If_ the values are annual, i.e. first 12 values are identical and <> 0, and next 12 also etc, then it would be neat only to display 1950 value#1, 1951 value #13 etc.

#473 not an issue Ecosim may crash when saving TS data in older EwE6 databases jeroens jeroens

Symptom: Application crashes when saving changes to Time Series.


  • Open carie's 'Lab 3' test database
  • Load time series
  • Modify any time series data to flag the scenario as dirty
  • Save the scenario

Cause: Database of EwE6 pre-release candidates cannot be updated using Microsoft Access SQL. The tables EcosimTimeSeriesGroup? and -Fleet in this particular database have a compound primary key which was changed prior to the September release. The EwE6 save sim scenario code expects only a singular primary key and crashes.

Solution: None at this moment. Access SQL does not support dropping existing Primary Keys, so we cannot write an update to fix this issue.

Severity: Low since the database schema was changed prior to the September 2007 release. However, I logged this issue just in case it were to surface unexectedly.

#478 not an issue ecosim fitting plots chiarap

version EwE6.0.14 model: Chiara's model (Ionio) the Ecosim plots that come out from EwE5 are different from the plots that appear in EwE6. Furthermore, when i click on show all fits command, the fits are the same than the ones shown in version 5 expect for the monk seal biomass and for the fact that there are no Ecosim trends for predicted common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin and monk seal bycatch. 

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