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#53 open Errors during save may corrupt a database administrator jeroens

If a database error occurs during an attempt to save a model or scenario, existing rows may be affected to a degree that they are no longer usable for loading. To prevent users from losing work, EwE must have some type of rollback mechanism.

Some research needs to be dedicated whether can use proper SQLTransactions for performing rollbacks in case of save errors.

If transactions cannot be used, we may have to build a hokey solution that copies the current .MDB file to a safe location (at either regular intervals or right before any changes are to be made) so we have a way to revert to a working DB.

#54 fixed All form resources need to have the designer property 'Localizable' set to True administrator jeroens
  • Open a form in design mode
  • Select the form itself
  • In the properties pane, navigate to Design > Localizable
  • Set the value to True. By default, this entry is False

This will allow forms to be translated into different languages with minimal effort.

#55 open Ecopath fishery tabs default values are different than version 5 administrator carieh

After I had added in 2 fisheries to the model (Carie test lab 1 may 21), I added in the fleets and then went to the market pricetab. In version 5 the default is for every group (including detritus) to have a value of 1. This is not the case in version, The default fishing fleet which I renamed, was set to 1 as defaults (except detritus), but the second group I added had values of 0 for all defaults. I think this is something you might want to double check on. shoud detritus have a default market price of 1?

When I added in more fleets into version 5 (even without assigning catch values) the market prices of all fleets were 0- with the exception of the fleet that had catches assigned to it, then the prices were set to 1. In version 5 all fleets have a market price of 1 even if they do not have catches assigned to them- just a discrepency in the default values.

Indeed, just defaults in the database. Fixed.

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