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#259 not an issue Ecosim Group Color graph line are all the same color jeroens joeb

For some databases the group colors are all the same. This seems to happen with the Baltic model for me.

All the colors comming from cColorManager.GetInstance?.PoolColor? are the same. That can't be right!

#281 not an issue Add/ Duplicate egg production shape alters existing graphs administrator carieh

If you have a seasonal egg production shape and try to add another shape (or duplicate) the first graph (seasonal) becomes tong-term. The new graphs appear in long-term scale, so I would assume long-term is the default for all graphs (maybe that is the issue)

If I start with a long-term graph and duplicate or add a new one the original graph remains the same. So, could it be possible that if you have a seasonal graph and try to duplicate it, the new (duplicate) would also be seasonal?

I should mention that even when a new graph is added, and the original is altered to long-term, if you switch it back to seasonal, it appears to be the same graph. I don't think there are any alterations happening to the grapg besides the time span.

#297 not an issue Default value for market price jeroens villyc

The market price in Ecopath Fishery should have a default value of 1 for all groups and fleets. Otherwise some calculations in Ecosim may fail (i.e. with 0 values as at present). This was at least the case in EwE5 so unless you have implemented a smart version (which I hope you haven't) this is needed.

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