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#71 fixed Loading Ecosim scenarios that are not already defined or trying to define them..... administrator carieh

Ok this is a lot of bug all in one...... but I think they are all related Basically if I have a model and I try to create a scenario- it doesnt happen.

So I tried to create a scenario many times and I have some names saved in the senario menu- even though none of them work. SO I tried to delete them, and I get an error message Previously active Ecosim Scenario has been removed. GUI is in for a major shock, all ecosim data has been voided which is a really cute message and makes me laugh, but does this mean ALL my scenarios are now deleted? I dont believe so because all of my other scenario names are there- even thought there is no information in the scenarios, but I wonder had there been something important in those files if they would have been altered.

Anyways I continued on deleting the rest of my files and it worked- I didnt get the doom GUI is in for a major shock message again, but rather are you sure you want to delete- fine.... until all are gone

Then I try to add a new one- doesnt happen. I am guessing you need one in there to start with in order to make it understand? So I have shot my self in the foot, and have to close the model.

When I open it again and go to input- run info- I now have 13 scenario 1's. Same model, not sure how they got there?, but none of them work for loading, even if I re-name them, even if i give them a wonderful description, nothing :-( They all fail to load database.

So basically if you import a model with a datebase for Ecosim attached it seems to work, but if you try to create your own scenario- not gonna happen

So I imported Lab1 (fish 501) and tried to see if the ecosim scenarios work, one of them does and the other doesn't load (go figure)- I had this problem before- and sent the database to Joren. Not sure what is happening, but Scenario test 1 works, but the manual fit scenario doesnt.

See bug 45- Or Joren, I think this is the same problem essentially with loading scenarios, or related to those ones.

#72 fixed Ecosim Biomass output administrator carieh

When I run a model, it appears that the biomass is increasing from 0.25 to 1 in the first year. Why is this not starting at 1 already? I think it should be at one- unless I am missing something? (using lab 1 model)

So I reopened the Tampa Bay model, to see if the same trend occured- this jump at the begining to get the biomass at one rather than starting at one, but I loaded the scenario and Ecosim wouldnt run. All the buttons look like they are working, but I am not getting the display of biomass, and i am not sure the reason or what I have done. So I closed the model and the program and tried again, and now it all works again. maybe i just opened and closed too many models in a row?

But because the time frame of the model is set to 51 years, I cannot tell.

#73 fixed Adjusting time step of Ecosim administrator carieh

From bug # 74 , I tried to re-scale the time (years) that Ecosim runs for so that I could see if this trend was happening for all models, but when I re-set the time to 5 years, it ran the model for 5 years, but did not re-scale the axis (I found a new bug). so I have a large blank space on the output biomass screen. The model appears to be running correctly, but I believe the axis shoud re-scale itself. Maybe this is due to forcing fxns or time series data built into the scenario? I am not sure because I cannot test a blank scenario- I am using the tampa Bay model

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