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#456 open detritus fate in does not update administrator chrish

I set detritus fates for all consumer groups to 1.000 in the Detritus column, and for all primary producers to 1.000 in a Plant/Algal detritus column. I saved, and then closed. When I reopened, none of the changes had saved; all groups had 0.000 in the Detritus and Plant/Algal detritus columns.

In the message bar in the lower right corner, the information is incorrect. For example, if I have highlighted a cell in the Lingcod row and the Detritus column, the message bar reads Lingcod - Plant/Algal Detritus, i.e., it reports the address of an adjacent cell rather than the highlighted cell.

#501 open How to save Ecopath results from Network Analysis carieh martac

I find a bit tricky how to save ecopath results from Network analysis. The only way I found is to copy and save but the captions of tables do not get copied so then you have to write them in the excel file. This does not happen with the rest of results from Ecopath where all tables can be copied from captions to values. It may be worth considering to have a click bottom where to save all the results or results by analysis or something like this.

#523 open Ecosim> time series >values gives errors jeroens carieh

open Ecosim > time series Apply a time series and click on the values tab to read the values. Mine keeps showing all 0's even though there are points on the graph. There is also an error box that pops up when you click on the values tab

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