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#247 not an issue Ecopath output> Value- non-market value not correct administrator carieh

Georgia strait model- if I enter a non-market value of 25 for seals in the fishery non-market price (Ecopath input), I get a value of 10 in the ecopath output for the non-market value. I am unsure if there is a calculation that is happening that changes the value to 10, but I would think the non-market value would remain at 25.

#248 not an issue Tabbing in Add time series form does not go in full circle jeroens joeh

The EwE6 grid could be the problem source

#256 not an issue Fishing policy search> results not consistent with version 5 carieh carieh

I am unsure what the discrepencies are, but please see Fishing Policy Search Notes.doc for the actual values and screen images.

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