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#982 suspended MSE CV colours inconsistent joeb brianl

The colors for the Assessments tab are not consistent. Sometimes, I'll set the colors to zero, and thus running many MSE policies should produce the same effort dynamics (I also have the increase in catchability set to zero). However, I notice that when I run multiple policy, I get variation in dynamics. When I go back to the assessments tab, it looks like the color has changed. Also, when I set the CVs to zero, and then set one column to say 10%, and then use the zero color again, the shades are different

#36 fixed detritus not being read into diet matrix administrator carieh

When I load in existing models, the detritus is missing from the diet composition- I believe this may be dealt with, as there were problems with detritus before. Happened 3 times (only tried 3 times) Just in case it isnt caught.

Models Lab 2a, 2b, 2c (for my reference)

Ok, found the bug. In Georgia Strait model, DietComp? screen is missing a line for Detritus. Will figure this out.

#38 fixed other production not being calculated administrator carieh

Parameterization/ biomass accumulation Testing lab 5 from Fish 501, in version 5 for the macroalgae group: Biomass, PB, and EE were entered for this group. IN version 5 there is a diolouge box prompting if you would like to estimate biomass accumulation. In version 6 no such thing occurs. Consequently you end up with different EE's in the 2 cases. Version 5 the EE was inputted as 1.0, and remains this way (but allows for biomass accumulation) In version 6.0.3 the EE increases to 1.2, and there is no mention of biomass accumulation. Biomass accumulation does not show up in the other production tab of version 6.0.3

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