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#41 wont fix importing model already in version 6 jeroens carieh

While EwE is still under development and has not 'hit the shelves' yet, we do not bother trying to keep the application compatible with earlier EwE6 database versions. Version backward compatibility will be introduced when EwE6 is released to the public.

I'm sorry, I realize that this is a pain for testing. Hopefully the database design will stabilize soon (although Time Series database support is looming...)

#42 fixed Parameterization biomass t/km2 values administrator carieh

I think this is related to the basic estimates bug. but if I import an unbalanced model and attempt to balance, the changes are not saved properly. Specifically the biomass (t/km2). In the basic estimates- where you can edit the groups you can enter in a different value of biomass. However when you look at the output of the basic estimates, you do not end up with the same biomass. I believe this has to do with the habitat area? or simply just not recording to the core what the new value is. For example if I switch the biomass of a group from 0.1 to 0.2 t/km2 and I leave the habitat fraction the same (1), in the output screen I get back: habitat area=1, biomass in habitat =0.2, biomass t/km2=0.1. So I am not sure where the inconsistency is coming from. I believe the correct output should be: habitat area=1, biomass in habitat =0.1, biomass t/km2=0.1

#43 fixed Ecosim loading scenario administrator carieh

I am working off an imported model (lab 1 fish 501) and it is already balanced, before I import. when I try to load an ecosim scenario I get the error in the status tab that it failed to load because it failed to read the database. In this case there are 2 options for scenarios that were previously built into the model, but this causes Ecosim not to work. When I tried to add a new scenario- this also failed (same errors)

Creating new scenario's does not work

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