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#58 fixed deleting fleets- doesnt really delete anything administrator carieh

So it Appears I CAN delete fleets- the buttons in the edit fleets (under definition of fleets) are working, although I deleted 8 of my fleets- just for fun, and I get a warning message every time. If possible could it just be one box with all the warnings in it? (just a suggestion- maybe you have good reason for making me click yes 8 times) BUT then I get a warning box (the one with the big red X in the upper left corner) that says the index was out of range must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection, so I click continue, and then I have to go through the 8 dialouge boxes again confirming that I really do want to delete the fleets. . . . this happens a few more times, and finally it looks like I am actually going to delete my fleets when the edit fleets box finally closes with no more warnings, and then.... all my fleets are still there :-) How do I get rid of them???

Combine fleet delete warnings into one message: No, it's better to be explicitly alerted for each irrevokable action. Mass-delete will not happen often (hopefully) anyway. Not worth the time and effort to do this, IMHO.

#59 fixed Biomass of groups keeps disappearing administrator carieh

Something keeps happening to the biomass data I input in the model???? Where does it go??? I input-ed it in the model, then went on to define diet and fishing, and when I came back it was gone...... the P/B, Q/B, and U/Q ratios were still there. At first I thought it was me, but then I input-ed and it disappeared again. I have no idea where it is going??? Also happend for model 2A after I was messing around with fleets I came back and no biomass

#60 fixed locking of cells/ shading of cells administrator carieh

The shading of cells (blue) is different from version 5. I am not sure if this is intentional or not? When I add in 3 parameters to the basic input screen, the 4th cell for the group becomes shaded blue- which locks the cell if I remember correctly. How,ever for detritus and phytoplankton (producers) the shading in version 5 is different than for consumers, because I believe you don't need as many parameters for these groups. In version the cells are not being shaded for detritus and producers.

This may be linked to the next bug # 63

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