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#923 fixed Add Ecosim price elasticity villyc

Here's a neat new thing for the to-do (I.e., not a drop-everything-thing), I came to think of:

We'll add "Price elasticity" to Ecosim.

In the Navigator after Fishing mortality before fleet dynamics, add "Price elasticity" When clicking it is shows a form exactly like the mediation. X-axis title on the top plot becomes: Landings (weighted by value) Can we make the color of the plot green instead of blue? Define X-axis: X-axis title becomes Landings On the pop up form: Define biomass percentage becomes Define groups impacting price. List here fleet – group combinations; when a fleet – group is selected, it should get a weight = off vessel price entered automatically. Also change the "mediating group" in the small lower right plot to "Group". Make an "Apply price elasticity"; it should open a form with fleets on the top and groups in row (similar to the Landings form in Ecopath), with only those groups that have landings being selectable. Multiplier is always applied to off-vesselprice anywhere this is used in Ecosim or Ecospace or MSE or Fishing Policy Search or anywhere else (but not in Ecopath baseline of course).

We calculate the multiplier in Ecosim, by calculating the landings (not catches) x off-vessel price for the "mediating" group(s), compare these to the baseline. There may be more than one group selected, so we actually compare the value (landings x off-vessel price) rather than the landings. The multiplier we get from from looking up on the mediation shape (which should be scaled to 1 in Ecosim baseline) is going to be multiplied onto the off-vessel price in all calculations in Ecosim.

Simple and it will open new doors for economic calculations.

#1173 fixed Add Ecosim tool to trim forcing functions jeroens jeroens

Forcing functions can only grow in size based on the Ecosim run length. There is no way to reduce the length of forcing functions. This will inflate the size of a database, and cannot be controlled.

The user must have a way to trim the length of forcing functions. Perhaps this should be implemented as an Ecosim tool? A plug-in?

#851 fixed Add EwE5 'Ecopath model from Ecosim' functionality villyc

EwE5 has the option to generate an Ecopath model from an Ecosim time step. This logic should be available in EwE6.

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