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#210 open Forcing functions need numbers and names administrator carieh

When you apply a forcing function to a group, the cell shows a number ex. F7, which corresponds to the FF shape you have assigned. However, there is no label to show which FF are which number on the FF interface. If you add a new one- it will be assigned a number, but if you change the name it looses the #. I think it is important to keep that number permanently since these #'s are linked to so many other interfaces.

Same as bug 209 but for different interface

#214 open Forcing function numbers not easily available for hatchery and nutrient forcing administrator robynf

Users need to know what numbers have been allocated to forcing functions imported from csv files for hatchery and nutrient forcing functions.

They will never go to the Apply time series form for these two types of forcing function, because they apply them on the Edit multistanza groups and Ecosim parameters forms respectively. Therefore, please could the numbers allocated to each forcing function be displayed under the thumbnails on the Forcing Funtion form, along with the name?

#218 open Ecosim FF- seasonal shapes 1-3 have long-term status user8 carieh

A little counter-intuitive....FF 1,2, and 3 have the ability to be long term FF even though they are call seasonal shapes 1,2,3. Perhaps they should only have the option to be seasonal?

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