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#49 fixed Forcing shapes should not be Ecosim scenario dependent administrator jeroens

VC: Forcing shapes should not be Ecosim scenario dependent

#50 fixed Forcing function manual value modifications are lost administrator jeroens

Values in a forcing shape altered via the 'Values' dialog are lost.

To reproduce (A):

  • Navigate to Ecosim > Forcing Function
  • Make sure a forcing function is selected. Refer to this as [FF1]
  • Click the 'Values...' button
  • Modify a few values in the grid to something very obviously different
  • Click OK to apply the changes

The large forcing function graph shows [FF1] modified correctly. Clicking the 'Values...' button again confirms that the new values are indeed there.

To loose the values (B):

  • Select a different forcing function thumbnail
  • Select [FF1] again. The 'Values...' modifications have been lost.

Another way to loose the values is to:

  • Repeat steps (A)
  • Save the scenario
  • Reload the scenario
  • The values modified in the 'Values...' dialog did not make it to the database.
  • Now click ano
#51 fixed Diet Matrix has no feeding on detritus when importing administrator shermanl

When the model is imported, the diet matrix does not have feeding on detritus. Thus unbalancing the model.

I imported a file and ran it, but somehow in the diet matrix it doesn't have any feeding on detritus? So my model is now not balanced, as the groups that feed on detritus does not have enough food .... what happened to detritus?

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