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#1254 fixed "Apply best fits" button is not enabled after Monte Carlo simulation joeb ekina

The SVN built of EwE 6 (6.3.9431.0) does not enable the "Apply best fits" push-button after a Monte Carlo simulation.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open model "Georgia Strait".
  2. Move to "Time dynamic (Ecosim)" and select "all fit" scenario.
  3. Load the time series "georgiascaleNEW" by clicking on the "Time Series" tree item on the left pane.
  4. Move to "Monte Carlo simulation" on the left pane.
  5. Switch to "Settings" tab and deselect "Show biomass trajectories on Ecosim plot" and select "Retain better fitting estimates (use trials to search)" options.
  6. Click "Run trials" to run the Monte Carlo simulation.
  7. When the Monte-Carlo simulation ends, see that "Apply best fits" push-button is not enabled although a best fitting trial exists.

Expected behaviour:

The "Apply best fits" button should have been enabled after a best fitting trial was found.

#1470 fixed "Both" option not shown in Capacity calc model jeroens jeroens

Ecospace capacity model option "both" is not visible in the Beta release

#1285 fixed "Ecosim network analysis" "Save to CSV file" push-botton does not work jeroens ekina

The Ecosim network analysis does not save the results of the analysis when "Save to CSV file" button on top left of the tab is clicked. Once clicked, nothing happens and the dialog box to select the destination folder to save the results is not shown. I checked the "{My Documents}"/EwE output folder and the results are not there either.

Further, clicking the "Save data to CSV..." icon that appears at the bottom left of the graphs saves the results by first asking the user to choose a destination folder to save the results but in the CSV file saved were the indicators only displayed on the graph (FiB, Total Catch, Kempton's Q, TL of catch, FCI, -if respective option is selected: Catch PPR and Catch detritus required, and Ascendency on flow).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a model.
  2. Move to Ecosim.
  3. Then return back to "Tools" tree item under "Ecopath" and click the "Ecosim network analysis" tree item.
  4. Select either of the two sub-items to carry out the Ecosim network analysis.
  5. Click "Save to CSV file" button on the top left of the panel.
  6. See nothing happens.


  1. Click on the "Save results to CSV..." button that appears on the bottom left of the graphs once the mouse pointer is above the graph area.
  2. Choose the destination path in the pop-up window and click "Save".
  3. Go to the respective folder and open the CSV file to find out that only some of the indicators were present.

Expected behaviour:

a) After clicking the button on step 5, a file selector dialog box should have opened to ask the user where to save the results.

b) After saving the results in steps 7 and 8, all the indicators should have been present in the resulting CSV file when opened in step 9.

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