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#5 wontfix Cannot regenerate Finn Cycling index calcuations shermanl

I just had a quick question regarding Finn's cycling index calculations in 5.1. It seems that I cannot generate these numbers from my models. Previous versions seemed to calculate them just fine.

From: Fayram, Andrew Andrew.Fayram@… Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 6:22 AM

#6 wontfix Saving new spatial time series joeb shermanl

Spatial framework is not ready for public release. Next one.

#16 wontfix Bug in Ecoempire Equation 9 shermanl

From: Alberto Barausse alberto.barausse@… Sent: Monday, October 09, 2006 5:34 AM To: d.pauly@… Subject: Ecopath bug, equation 19

Hello, I am an italian MSc student from Padova university (Italy) and I am using Ecopath software version 5.1 to build a mass balance model of Northern Adriatic sea. It is my thesis and it is related to INCOFISH project (I am helped by researchers Luca Palmeri and Yuri Artioli) I have found a possible bug in the Ecoempire routine, so I wuold like to report it. When using Ecompire to estimate consumption Q from total mortality, asymptotic weight, habitat temperature, aspect ratio and feeding type, I obtain a different result than that given applying directly equation 19 (Ecopath User guide), which should be the equation used in Ecoempire. I have checked units of measure, and I am quite sure that the equation used in Ecoempire is different from the one that can be found in the User Guide (and in your article with Palomares) because result is really different. I have tried to do calculate Q with equation 18 too, and the result is the same as in Ecoempire, so the problem should be only in equation 19. So, is it a bug? Which result is the right one? Thank you!

Alberto Barausse

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