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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#1069 Add value chain base year jeroens assessed high tweak

Resolution: fixed (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#1061 Allow multiple links between two units jeroens assessed high tweak
#1062 Value Chain saving takes too long jeroens assessed high major
#1054 Show connected links when selecting a unit jeroens assessed normal feature
#1055 Default names should not be 'unknown' jeroens assessed normal feature
#1060 Value Chain results grid should show thousands separators jeroens assessed normal tweak
#1068 Add value ratio for links from producers jeroens assessed normal tweak
#1070 Value Chain zoom factor out of whack when scrolling jeroens assessed normal 6.3.0 major
#1063 Value Chain layout logic needs to be improved jeroens assessed low major
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