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#762 Ecopath Model Description page fails on updated databases joeb assessed high major
#765 Ecopath detritus groups have PB, QB values jeroens assessed normal minor
#772 Cannot change the order of groups in Ecopath jeroens assessed normal major
#775 Consumption grid - cannibalism cells error jeroens assessed normal minor
#796 New pedigree levels do not stick assessed normal minor
#801 Pedigree level colors do not get saved for new levels jeroens assessed normal minor
#806 Edit multi-stanza interface does not show 'Ecosim needed' warning jeroens assessed normal tweak
#812 Taxon data should include phylum jeroens assessed normal tweak
#822 Discard mortality rate grid does not enable/disable cells in response to Landings edit joeb assessed normal tweak
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