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#1592 Ecospace should throw a warning when there are no water cells new not assessed NOT SET
#912 MSE Best/B plot should only show groups that are being caught new joeb assessed low NOT SET
#990 Ecosim Plots multiple runs new assessed low NOT SET
#1024 Variable time steps in Ecosim new assessed low NOT SET
#1128 Ecospace results should show a time series graph as well or instead of the summary data new assessed low NOT SET
#1320 cNetworkAnalysisManager.RunWithEcopath may not work when called from plugin new assessed low Ecopath 6: future version
#613 Monte Carlo biomass plot output assigned not assessed normal NOT SET
#1181 Discard Mortality rate dialogue should be moved to MSE new NOT SET normal NOT SET
#1257 Ecospace IBM stops run due to Index out of bounds error new joeb not assessed normal NOT SET
#1389 Ecopath "Habitat area fraction" recalculates Biomass incorrectly for multi-stanza groups new jeroens not assessed normal Ecopath 6: future version
#1646 Loading Ecosim time series displays wrong number new not assessed normal 6.7 release
#1645 Ecotracer banded results new joeb not assessed urgent 6.7 release
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