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#649 Ecospace has problems with big basemaps jeroens assessed urgent crash
#1104 Ecospace warns for missing habitats even when capacity model does not use habitats joeb assessed high minor
#1139 Increasing ecospace map size creates input map artifact assessed high major
#964 Ecospace sailing cost map distorted N/S vs E/W assessed normal minor
#1004 Ecospace plot y-axis should range from .1 to 10 jeroens assessed normal tweak
#1014 Increasing Ecospace map size may give land values in new cells jeroens assessed normal minor
#1015 Ecospace re-size map to smaller fails not assessed normal crash
#1016 Ecospace Save Scenario as... fails assessed normal minor
#1018 Migration months-location do not import from 5 assessed normal minor
#1026 Depth layer editor not intuitive jeroens assessed normal tweak
#1040 Ecospace throws an Exception after maps have been re-sized jeroens assessed normal crash
#1099 Ecospace run graph saves confusing data to file assessed normal minor
#1116 Cannot set values in the Fishing cost map jeroens assessed normal minor
#1124 Edit layer data may cause layer image to be lost jeroens assessed normal minor
#1126 Ecospace results time steps does not always responded correctly. jeroens assessed normal minor
#1127 Ecospace results grid incorrect for the "End:" period joeb assessed normal minor
#1131 Better reflect habitat area fractions assessed normal minor
#1134 Ecospace throws an exception if Ecosim Reset all has been clicked assessed normal crash
#1142 Ecospace map edit operation my look confusing jeroens assessed normal minor
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